LeapHome: a new way of living inspired by nature

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LeapHome is born from the experience of LEAPfactory, gained through building in high altitude, in extreme and difficult environments. LeapHome is an unprecedented architectural solution that will revolutionize the construction industry: a house that is entirely realized through an industrial process, that is simple and innovative and adapts to your specific needs and desires, which is rethinking the dwelling paradigms. 
Like Meccano blocks, precise and combinable at will: this is the challenge launched by LeapHome. That is, applying industrial production methods to all the elements that compose a house. The various components, like for a car, are assembled on site totally dryly and do not need any further processing or adjustments. LeapHome’s great added value concerns its nature as an integrated product, which goes beyond the traditional distinction between bearing structures, casing, installations, finishes and furniture. Each detail lives in an integrated manner with the totality, to maintain absolute quality and aesthetic consistency. The house is born totally equipped with technological installations, fixed furnishings and accessories, ready to be inhabited and is delivered "turnkey" to the client, with realization times that are particularly quick, and is surprisingly easy to assemble. 
LeapHome is tailored to the client, with finishes and interiors Made in Italy. The organization of the space is proposed with optimal configurations that are intended for different uses and can be completely customized. The main finishes, both external and internal, as well as the technological equipment of the house can be chosen within a range that is specifically selected and optimized in the design phase. This simplified process also makes the home very flexible to changes, as well as completely reversible, which allows even substantial alterations to be made without any difficulties. 
The revolution introduced by LeapHome’s original constructive solution is reverberated in the disappearance of the building site as it is traditionally understood: a place of uncertainty, delays, of the unforeseen, with large impact on costs and on the ecological footprint. Operations in situ are drastically reduced, as they are limited to a "clean" assembly of small components - and therefore with very limited weights -, the execution of which may be entrusted to non-specialized workers. Limited tampering of soil and minimized environmental impacts; quality, performance and traceability of materials; high-efficiency installations; sure deadlines and limited costs: sustainability in deeds and not in words. 
"Living immersed in nature represents one of the most important choices to embrace a new style of life", say Stefano Testa and Luca Gentilcore, the founders of LEAPfactory srl. "We like to think that we can combine the comforts of a modern home with the profound freedom and the pioneering spirit of a life in perfect harmony with the environment that surrounds us". 
FRAME, LeapHome’s first model, can be visited at Lissone, in Cleaf’s outdoor area. The house offers a residential program of medium size (130 mq), arranged on two floors: a double height living room which overlooks the gallery with a study area; a dining area with kitchen; two bedrooms and two bathrooms; a wide outdoor terrace of relevance. 
Cleaf collection of surfaces is an open system in continual development. A multiplicity of finishes and decorative papers that offer an elegant ‘skin’ for the world of furnishings and interior design. 
The extensive customization in the configuration LeapHome’s interiors, which is made possible by an innovative industrial process for the design and manufacture phases, represents the ideal ground for the application of the Cleaf surfaces. 
Cleaf has therefore decided to support the LeapHome project, whose design philosophy it fully shares, thus choosing to accommodate the first FRAME house model inside the courtyard of its Lissone headquarters. 
Source: Cleaf 
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