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Yecla Furniture Fair brings together in three days more than 3000 professionals coming from all over the world

The 53rd Yecla Furniture Fair closes the three days opened exclusively to professionals from the sector with an influx of visitors higher than the previous edition. In this occasion, the oldest furniture fair in the country has benefitted from its single presence in the calendar during the last quarter of the year.

This circumstance has influenced, without a doubt, in the great influx of visitors received during the event. In addition, the fact that “Yecla Furniture Fair is a firmly consolidated trade fair, not only in a national level, also enjoys a great prestige in several parts of the world geography”, the chairman of the Executive Committee and Mayor of Yecla, Marcos Ortuño, assured. In contrast to the 2500 visits last year, during these three days more than 3000 professionals from 1900 furniture companies, mainly Spanish, have visited Yecla. From the total, 1100 did it for the first time. In this edition, representatives from all the Autonomous Communities have visited us, especially from Valencia, Catalonia, Madrid, Castile La Mancha and Andalucia.

We have to add to the national visitors the representatives from about twenty foreign countries. One more year, the work done by Murcia’s Regional Development Agency (INFO) coordinating the inverse trade mission that has developed in the fairground has favoured more than 600 meetings held between the international delegations and manufacturers from the sector. Thanks to this initiative, the entrepreneurs from the Region of Murcia were able to organise visits to the production site, and the delegations had the opportunity to see firsthand how the work is done in the factories. Many countries took part in this trade mission, such as Algeria, Morocco, France, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, United Kingdom, Russia, Qatar, Mexico and Peru. Furthermore, Yecla Furniture Fair has been visited by professionals themselves coming from Hungary, Portugal, India, Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ireland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay, among others. On the other hand, among 120 exhibitors in this event, there were new manufacturers, some of them coming from Brazil and Lithuania. About this, the Director of the Fair, Inmaculada Hernández highlighted “the importance of attract new companies in order to come to Yecla to show their products, while at the same time we continue to count on the exhibitors loyalty that repeat year after year".

An exhibition that matches Milan The President of the Provincial Government of Albacete and Mayor of the city of Almansa, Francisco Núñez, visited during the morning Yecla Furniture Fair. He came to show his support to the exhibitors from the neighbour province. Núñez pointed that “Yecla Furniture Fair is a very important event for Albacete because of the turnover generated during these days” He also pointed the international dimension of this trade fair, essential to build business and open new markets. “It is very positive for manufacturers from Albacete to be part of this showcase, as important for the sector as Milan trade fair is, for this reason the presence of our province in this event is already traditionalNuñez said. At a moment in which economic recovery starts to be noticed, the President of the Provincial Government of Albacete affirms that we have to take advantage of the rise that small buildings and home improvements are having. “For this reason, I would like to thank Yecla Furniture Fair and its chairman for struggle for the sector in such tough time”.

Marcos Ortuño recalled that “Yecla trade fair tries to support the furniture sector from all over Spain and be the showcase for exhibitors from national geography and other parts of the world, like Lithuania and Brazil”. For this reason, Yecla Furniture Fair will firmly support internalisation in future editions. In conclusion, the chairman of the Executive Committee of the trade fair recalled that in a short period the administrative procedures will finish and this will allow Yecla Furniture Fair to become a foundation. Marcos Ortuño explained that “this step shall comply with pending agreements for decades and give the legal personality needed to confront new challenges and goals”.

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