Tristan Auer, Designer of the Year at Maison&Objet Paris September 2017

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MAISON&OBJET PARIS  honours the most outstanding names on the international design and interiors scene by electing a Designer of the Year for each show. The Designer chosen for this award reflects the specific focus of each of the two annual events: product design in January and architectureinterior design in September. After Pierre Charpin in January 2017, MAISON&OBJET PARIS has chosen to spotlight interior architect Tristan Auer in September 2017. 


A certain idea of French style 
After training with the greatest names in interior and product design (Christian Liaigre and Philippe Starck), Tristan Auer has developed his own style: bespoke creations, featuring a bold combination of classical references and avant-garde design. This approach lends coherence and originality to his creations, which favour user experience and wellbeing: the very point of art de vivre. 
Today, his name is associated with elegance and French style all around the world. Named Designer of the Year for the September 2017 edition of MAISON&OBJET PARIS, Tristan Auer has imagined the scenography for a stand dedicated to his work in Hall 8. 

Puiforcat avenue Matignon living room set - ©Claire Israel

Puiforcat avenue Matignon living room set - ©Claire Israel

Puiforcat avenue Matignon living room set - ©Claire Israel

AD Intérieurs 2014 ©Olivier Amsellem

A career applauded worldwide 
In 2002, Tristan Auer established his own firm – Izeu. Since then, he has shown his remarkable understanding of the demanding world of luxury and has completed a wide number of projects worldwide: transforming and renovating exclusive hotels, including Les Bains and the Hotel de Crillon in Paris, designing private villas and apartments in Paris, New York, London, on the island of Mustique and in Oman, imagining showrooms and stands for prestigious brands (Cartier), collaborating with design brands – Pouenat, Contardi, Holly Hunt, Taillardat, Christophe Delcourt, Ozone, etc. He has also consulted for several real estate and hotel companies, to help them strengthen their brand image through luxury and French know-how. 

Mélanocetus Ozone pendant light ©DR

Delphine Pouenat table, 2016 ©Sylvain Claire

Cartier Biennale Des Antiquaires 2014 © Pierre Olivier Deschamps

Cartier Biennale Des Antiquaires 2014 © Pierre Olivier Deschamps

Designing unique interiors 
For Tristan Auer, his job is all about designing an outstanding environment for each project, an interior that sparks emotion and resembles its users – as opposed to reproducing one successful recipe. No rule, no preconceived ideas, no prejudice. The only things that matter are listening to the clients, being attentive to their lifestyles, considering the space, the volume and the light. Then comes the time for drawings and research on materials, a necessary step to tell a brand new story. And in the underlining all of that is his desire to design a variety of atmospheres, each offering a distinct experience, depending on his mood and whim. Interiors where people can create their own lives. 

Residential Invalides © Olivier Amsellem

Residential project in Paris © DRMélanocetus

Puiforcat © Tristan Auer

Harmony comes from melange 
With a meticulous and audacious approach, Tristan Auer mixes styles and eras, pieces by great figures and humbler ones, bold and more faded colours. To him, harmony comes from melange; the key is in the rhythm, as with music. 
To design his bespoke, couture-like interiors, Tristan Auer surrounds himself with the best artisans, whose unique know-how certainly contributes to the influence of French style on the international scene. This is perhaps best exemplified by his renovation of the Hotel de Crillon, for which he only collaborated with French companies and took great care in distributing the work fairly among the various artisans so everyone could show their very best work. 

Les Bains sofa © Anne Jacquemin

Hôtel Les Bains © Guillaume Grasset

Hôtel Les Bains © Guillaume Grasset

A man of passion 
Driven by his passion for vintage cars and road trips – which to him suggest a sense of timelessness –, Tristan Auer customises the interiors of the smartest vehicles like he would do in hotels or private residences: door pockets lined with cashmere, nubuck ceilings, dashboards sheathed in matt leather and matching bags, to instil real emotions at all times. 

Detail of a car © DR

Projects for 2017-2019 
Living two lives rather than one, Tristan Auer is always on the move. At any given time, he is always involved in an astonishing number of projects: the renovation for the Hotel de Crillon due to be completed during the summer of 2017, a new building for a renowned champagne brand in Reims, two private villas in St Barts and another two in Paris, a hotel on the island of Mustique and another one in Le Marais, as well as several objects. 
In September 2017, as MAISON&OBJET PARIS Designer of the Year, he is set to exhibit his work on a stand entirely dedicated to him, located in Hall 8 
Naturally, he decided his scenography would provide a stage for French art de vivre, which combines uncluttered classicism and sensuous modernism. After spending days scouting the aisles of the fair, visitors will find there a place to rest and marvel – a magical time-out. Suggested by perfect architectural features (arches), light hues (white and pastel green), and a few vibrant colours, the concept develops around a selection of symbolic elements: a bar in the middle, which brings an element of fun and elegance; a vintage car, symbolising travel; and, to echo his interest in cinema, a series of recesses showing objects in cinematographic compositions. 

Hotel on the island of Mustique © all rights reserved

Hotel on the island of Mustique © all rights reserved

Ysa wall lamp © Veronese

Upcoming events: 
MAISON&OBJET PARIS 8-12 September 2017 
PARIS DESIGN WEEK 8-16 September 2017

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