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The holding of “See You in Valencia” improved business opportunities by 90,54% and received 119.853 visitors

Exhibitors from Cevisama, Habitat Valencia and FIMMA-Maderalia have improved their business opportunities by 90.54% thanks to the simultaneous holding of these exhibitions. This is the final conclusion of the data presented by the chairman of the executive committee of Feria Valencia, José Vicente González, who was pleased with the outcome of the fairs held between the 11th and the 14th of February. Gonzalez explained that these exhibitions received a total of 119,853 visitors, representing a 7.26% increase registered in the last editions of all the fairs, when held separately. Of these 119,853 visitors, 18,343 are foreigners, 15.3%. They come from 155 countries. The chairman of the executive committee stressed that Feria Valencia scheduled the simultaneous celebration not only to gain size, "but because they were convinced that visitors to each of these fairs were also interested in visiting the others." "And the data has proved us right. These 119,853 customers have visited two fairs in many cases, even three. And that has meant that if we add the visitors received in each exhibition (more have traveled to other fairs), gives us a total of 212,901 visitors. 90.54% more than the sum of the last editions separately. Every client is an opportunity. Therefore we conclude that the business opportunity has grown by 90.54%" ruled Gonzalez. According to official data, Feria Habitat Valencia has received 24,712 visitors registered as their own customers. But also another 33,076 visitors from Cevisama attended the habitat event. And 8,785 more from FIMMA-Maderalia. So, the confluence of exhibitions contributed to Habitat an extra 41,861 visitors which brought the total figure to 66,573, representing a 109.9% increase compared with the last edition. In addition, other relevant data for Habitat is that 80% of prescribers (architects, interior designers, decorators, etc.) enrolled in Cevisama also visited Feria Habitat Valencia. For Cevisama, the data are as follows. The event has received 75,173 visitors who have registered as such. But in addition, 13,591 visitors were also interested from Habitat. And another 3,688 from FIMMA-Maderalia have done the same. As a result, Cevisama received 92,452 visitors. This means that the joint celebration has provided Cevisama an extra 17,279 visitors. Finally, FIMMA-Maderalia recorded 19,968 visitors. But another 21,800 from Cevisama and 12,108 more from Habitat also visited the exhibition. FIMMA-Maderalia won thanks to the concelebrating by 33,908 visitors up to a total of 53,876. The traffic data between the fairs has been made through a past survey 100% by the visitor when entering the premises. The chairman of the executive committee of Feria Valencia has also been moved by the satisfaction of exhibitors. He highlighted that there have been many companies that have expressed their satisfaction and appointed including Faus Group and Emuca (Hardware), both from Maderalia, to Canella, Tecni Nova and Almerich, from Habitat, and from Cevisama he stressed to Pamesa, Keraben group and Vives. "All of them have highlighted the business opportunity that has brought this issue to them of their shows and the large number and high quality of visitors received," González pointed out. The event has also had its effect on the city. And it is under the umbrella of these fairs and with the slogan 'See You in Valencia' 148 exhibitions and showrooms and interventions were held both at Feria Valencia and in the city. In addition, 72 conferences have been held. Thanks to all activity inside and outside the exhibition centre, hotels in the city have sold 25,000 rooms, taxi drivers have made 36,000 journeys and restaurants have covered no less than 50,000 services, according to data from the employers of each of these sectors. Gonzalez stressed that the client of Feria Valencia is the exhibitor, the buyer, the hotel, the restaurant, the transportation, the editor of stands, the electrician, the carpenter ... "They are all our customers. Hence the importance of the event, its location on our territory. If the show is not here, all this activity is going somewhere else. And the land is devalued. And the territories are in competition. Therefore it is important to understand that the show is a wealth generating infrastructure for the region", he assured. It has also highlighted the power of the city of Valencia. "Valencia, the city and its fair, demonstrates its ability to host major events. That is why it is important to claim more international connections to Valencia airport. The AVE puts us an hour and a half from Madrid, the airport two hours from Germany, Great Britain ....” he has ruled. Finally, the president of Feria Valencia has announced that between the 9th and the 13th of February 2015 the second edition of See You in Valencia, the great event of interior design, architecture and decoration will take place. Source: Feria Valencia Read more news related See You in Valencia published at Infurma Visit the 2014 Fairs & Events Calendar in Infurma
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