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The 53rd Edition of the Yecla Furniture Fair is set to become a great meeting point for the internationalisation

From the 24th to the 27th of September, Yecla Furniture Fair will be the reference scenario for the internationalisation of the sector. Last year, representatives from about twenty different countries visited the event. Furniture exports from companies from the Region of Murcia increased 37% during the first quarter of the year. The oldest furniture contest in Spain is preparing to offer to the international delegations and to all visitors a wide range of furniture, upholstery, office furniture, garden furniture, as well as decorating and lighting elements, machinery, packaging or carpentry. This makes the event one of the most attractive professional meetings for foreign companies and decision makers from the sector. The data recorded from the last edition is the proof of the interest shown in the Yecla Furniture Fair. A hundred of exhibitors attended the event and attracted more than 2500 representatives from 1600 companies. Although the national visitors were still the majority, the foreign visitors were important too. About twenty foreign countries visited the fair. Last year, this event had exhibitors from Germany, Brazil and Portugal. In that edition, Yecla Furniture Fair prepared a specific area where 30 buying representatives from 8 countries (Holland, Mexico, Panama, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia and Russia) had business meetings with the exhibitors who attended the fair. More than 400 interviews were celebrated at this meeting point, where representatives from Australia, Ghana, India, Morocco, Peru and Pakistan took part too. The dimensions of this Fair also give an added value for the visitors coming from other countries. In this frame, the manufacturers from Yecla have the chance to show their products and the production process to the people interested on it because most of the companies are located within a radius of 3 km from the exhibition centre. Another aspect that encourages the foreigner delegations to participate is the positive evolution of the figures of the international activities that the furniture sector is having during the past years in the Region of Murcia, despite the economic situation. Nowadays, the furniture from Murcia is present worldwide. Although the traditional markets continue being its great asset (France, United Kingdom and Portugal on the top), in recent years, the furniture from Murcia has gained grown in countries such as United States, Russia, Japan, Kuwait, Algeria and Qatar. Quality and design at the service of the international activities We are facing a moment of big competition in international markets; this is why the furniture sector from the Region of Murcia continues making efforts to improve in quality, innovation, design and services as added value. These efforts were successful in the international activity, and as can be seen in the following table, the results were stable during the worst years of the economic crisis and they were better last year.



Value in millione of euros













Source: INFO-ESTACOM The data registered in the first quarter of 2014 confirm the positive trend from recent years. In this period, the exports made by factories from the Region increased 37% compared with the same quarter last year. With a volume of international sales of nearly 15 millions Euro, 3,9% from the national total, Murcia ranked the seventh place in exports among the autonomous communities, two places ahead than in the previous classification. Source: Yecla Furniture Fair Visit the Yecla Furniture Fair website
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