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Solutiuons 2016: experts impressed by fusion of design and function at Ambiente Frankfurt

How can you create products whose primary relevance is not derived from their design, but from providing solutions to real problems? Many designers of kitchen and household utensils ask themselves this very question and their answers are showcased in the ‘Solutions’ special show which is being held for the fifth time as part of the Ambiente trade fair. Sebastian Bergne had the job of selecting the products, “Each is designed around its central function,” explains the curator and producer of this ‘Solutions’ special show. “These household utensils are focused on the user and their form, material, colour and overall appearance is developed around this focus. This approach has produced wonderfully exciting designs,” continues the industrial designer, who is based in London. Bergne was advised in his task by Kate Birch, editor of Tableware International and Claus Tormöhlen, category manager for household goods for the Galeria Kaufhof department store. For example Kago – oval – L is the name of a rosette-shaped metal structure that Bergne has selected from the products sent in. It has an extremely wide field of application. Manufactured by the Japanese company Nousaku, the item is made of 100% pure tin and is easy to shape and re-shape. Light specific pressure is all it takes to transform it from a fruit basket to a wine stand, for example. In the ‘Knife’ from Franz Güde the user’s hand seems to mould with the body of the blade. It results in a super-safe knife with a precise cut. There are some products in ‘Solutions’ which have been chosen especially because they use familiar materials in a new context. A stainless steel mesh shaped to look like a butcher’s glove is one such example. It is used to clean pots and pans and its mono soft-mesh easily removes burnt on and dried food residues. It is so gentle on the material that it cannot even do damage to another of ‘Solutions’ innovative products, the Olivilla Frying Pan from Illa that has a non-stick, olive-oil based surface coating. There is also a place in the ranks of ‘Solutions’ products for space-saving gadgets. It takes just three quick hand movements to transform Philippi's Alegro glasses case from an extremely flat body into a robust triangular structure. Solutions at a glance ‘Abeego’ re-useable food packaging material (Green Pioneer), ‘Pulcina’ espresso can (Alessi), "instant dish soap dispenser (Bosign AB), ‘Noun’ glass food cooker (Ilcar di Bugatti), ‘Decora Compass’ cake decorating utensil (Decora – Karma), ‘Einpackdaumen’ packaging aid for presents (Donkey Products), ‘UEX – the Superbroom“ (Ebnat), ‘Descaler Adaptor’ (Fackelmann), ‘Rocky Twins’ multi-functional frying pan (Flonal Spa),  ‘the Knife’ forged steel chef’s knife (Franz Güde), ‘Olivilla’ frying pan with olive oil based coating (Illa), ‘Pepo’ melon cutter (Monkey Business), ‘Mono-softmesh’ stainless steel mesh for cleaning (Mono), ‘Nello’ magnetic bicycle bell (Palomar), ‘Alegro’ foldable glasses case (Philippi), ‘Sensor Mirror’ and ‘Sensor Pump’ sensor soap dispenser (Simplehuman). ‘Delícia’ loosening tool for cakes, ‘Presto’ food shaping mould (Tescoma), ‘ZipZipBag’ sun shade, bag, table cloth (Hong Kong Exporters’ Association), ‘Troy Premim’ hot water bottle and ‘Troy Lock ‘n’ key’ safety lock for hot water bottle (WFI Wärmflascheninnovation), ‘Citus Zinger’ bottle with citrus press (ZlngAnything), ‘Kago – oval – L’ formable kitchen and deco-utensil (Nousaku), Express Whisk’ (Mastrad). Solutions at the Ambiente trade fair All these ‘Solutions’ will be on show in the special event of the same name in the foyer of hall 4.0. Sebastian Bergne is responsible for both the idea and the production of the event. Working together with the Messe Frankfurt team, his use of functional design and an understated style gives prominence to the products. Indeed, the show’s layout is an open invitation to investigate the ‘Solutions’. On Saturday 13 February 2016, Bergne will conduct a guided tour through the show. Registration in the press centre of via email at Source: Ambiente Top image: Curator Sebastian Bergne, advisers Kate Birch and Claus Tormöhlen Read more news related Ambiente published at Infurma Visit the Ambiente website Visit the Fairs & Events Calendar in Infurma
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