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Prestigious Latin American architects and developers of important projects will visit Feria Hábitat Valencia

Promoting both the contract channel and the presence of professional buyers from Latin American countries are two of the objectives that Feria Hábitat Valencia has set out within its 2012 edition framework, held between 18th and 22nd September at Feria Valencia. To that end, the event is working on different actions in collaboration with UNEX (the Habitat Business Association, its Internationalization and Contract), an organization specialized in this channel which promotes cooperation and international promotion actions, with ample experience in Latin American traders. Among the priorities, we find the already confirmed visit to this event of an important group of prescriptors, mainly architects and interior designers, and the visit of developers of projects basically linked to hotel and catering, and also to the luxury residence and offices segment. “We are going to attract important Latin American prescriptors, and professionals from the United States who are doing business in Latin America; in all cases, these professionals are prescriptors and developers of important projects”, explained David Cámara, the secretary general of UNEX. While Feria Hábitat Valencia is being held, these professionals will share their knowledge and experiences with exhibiting firms and with visitors in a professional contract area which is to be located in the Design Pavilion. In this place, called the Contract Business Area, other events will take place: conferences, debates, work groups, etc. To facilitate an encounter among the invited international manufacturers and prescriptors, and in order to provide the trade fair with added value, a guided visit with these professionals to various areas of the trade fair is foreseen. Other acts will also be organized, such as a cocktail lunch in the trade fair, to favour networking between prescriptors and exhibitors. Moreover, various complementary activities will also take place around the city of Valencia. For José Blasco, the Feria Hábitat Valencia Chair, “the contract channel is still to be exploited by many firms and it is a segment that can offer very interesting business options to habitat manufacturers. So, Feria Hábitat Valencia continues to promote projects that facilitate these manufacturers’ access to new business and to new markets”. Therefore, it is not in vain that 25% of the professional visitors who attend Feria Hábitat Valencia are professionals associated with contract, particularly architects, designers and interior designers. “Besides, Latin America is one of the target markets of many of our exhibitors. So we wished to prioritize this origin by inviting top prescriptors from it”, the Chair of this trade fair ensures us. Feria Hábitat Valencia is now ready for its forthcoming edition, which combines a wide-ranging shop window with the entire habitat industry: furniture, lighting, home textiles, rest and relaxation, outdoors and kitchen furnishings. This event will present its offer by dividing it into five main exhibition projects, which are promoted and outlined with the trade fair’s leading figures: the exhibiting firms. Read more news related Feria Habitat Valencia published at Infurma Visit the Feria Habitat Valencia sheet at Infurma
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