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Much more than a showcase for megatrends. Sustainable forestry and timber industry solutions at LIGNA 2013

Every odd-numbered year, forestry and timber industry professionals from around the globe flock to LIGNA HANNOVER to get an overview of the all latest trends and developments in their respective fields of specialization. Next year’s fair will run from 6 to 10 May and is again shaping up to be a must-see showcase for anyone interested in staying ahead of their game. LIGNA’s crucial role in this regard is confirmed time and again by visitors and exhibitors alike in the feedback survey conducted by the fair’s organizer after every event. “LIGNA is an unrivalled opportunity to find out what’s happening in all parts of the forest and timber industry. In these times of ever-closer integration of all elements of the value chain, LIGNA is therefore becoming increasingly vital to keeping the order books full and building business networks,” said Ralf Dreeke, Managing Director of Wahlers Forsttechnik GmbH. Established in 1934, Wahlers Forsttechnik offers the full range of mechanized harvesting equipment and machines. The company has been using LIGNA to keep up with developments in the increasingly complex forestry industry since 1997. Sustainability – a megatrend with a proud 300-year history There are many movements that are attracting a lot of attention as megatrends. A particularly topical one – sustainability – will be a keynote theme right across the spectrum of forestry and forest technology exhibits at LIGNA 2013. While some may regard “sustainable management” as a modern phenomenon, it has actually been practiced in the forestry industry for some three hundred years. Three centuries ago a dire wood shortage was looming in many parts of Europe. Along with water power, wood was an essential ingredient for progress and development. In 1713, Saxony’s Chief Mining Officer, Hans Carl von Carlowitz, raised the specter of a dwindling wood supply and became the first person to suggest that timber harvest levels should not exceed forest growth. Today, von Carlowitz’s concept of sustainable forest management is practiced by many nations worldwide and aspired to by many more. In 2013, the organizers of LIGNA and many exhibitors at the fair will pay tribute to von Carlowitz and celebrate the tercentennial anniversary of his visionary idea by discussing the modern-day application of the sustainability principle in the forest and timber industries, from forest management and timber harvesting, right through the downstream processing chain. “In recent years, there has been a strong surge in demand for wood fiber, which is putting forests under increasing pressure,” explained Marcus Kühling, Managing Director of the German Forestry Association (DFV). The DFV has been representing the interests of the German forestry industry – and has therefore also been a proponent of sustainable forest management – since 1899. However, Kühling stops well short of sounding any alarm bells. “Since Carlowitz’s day, our store of knowledge on how best to utilize and protect our forest resources has grown continually. Today, we are certain that we have found the right balance between the different interests. This is evident in the great species diversity we see in our forests and the fact that Germany’s forested area is growing by some 10,000 hectares each year. Carlowitz would have loved bogie tracks Key sustainability themes that will be explored at LIGNA 2013 include energy-saving technologies, efficient handling and transport processes, and environmental protection, especially soil protection. The challenge of reconciling sustainability with hulking multi-purpose harvesting machines that can perform an ever-increasing range of tasks will be addressed by themed exhibits organized by the Germany Forestry Council in cooperation with the big forestry machinery manufacturers. Visitors can look forward to seeing next-generation harvesting machines with three-meter-wide tires and new, eco-friendly chains and bogie tracks. All of these innovations are specifically designed to minimize soil disturbance – but sure to leave a lasting impression on LIGNA visitors. Welcome to LIGNA 2013 Next year, Deutsche Messe is again expecting up to 100,000 visitors at the world’s premier event for the forest and wood industries. Anyone wanting to get a first-hand impression of all the key trends and developments in their field of expertise should start planning their LIGNA visit today using the comprehensive offering of useful tips and information available on Source: LIGNA Read more news related LIGNA published at Infurma Visit the Ligna website
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