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Maison&Objet Paris: sharing and increased international attendance mark the autumn design show!

The autumn edition of MAISON&OBJET PARIS ended on Tuesday, 9 September, after five days of exhibitions rallied beneath the banner of sharing. Embodying an era of connectivity, one dominated by social networks and expanding multichannel commerce, this theme chosen by the MAISON&OBJET Observatory captured the event’s open nature.

Openness to Paris, where the show’s energy extended through PARIS DESIGN WEEK. Openness to the growth markets of interior design and contract, the emphases of the palpable revival of MAISON&OBJET⏐projets⏐. Openness to the rest of the world, where the show is exporting its expertise with two new, major events – MAISON&OBJET ASIA and MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS.

These gateways to the overseas export and prescription markets join forces with the development of services and events offered by the show to visitors and exhibitors, to better support them as their markets fluctuate and expand. Now, four times a year – in Paris in January and September, Singapore in March and in Miami Beach in May –, MAISON&OBJET will be the tangible platform upon which are united all communities of international design. A deep pool teeming with discovery, a crossroads for business, sharing and dialogue, unmatched anywhere in the world. Design resonates throughout the French capital with PARIS DESIGN WEEK Paralleling the MAISON&OBJET PARIS show was the fourth annual PARIS DESIGN WEEK: eight days of evening festivities, cocktail gatherings, presentations and events that kept the capital humming, uniting more than 120 locations and 250 participants. Galleries, showrooms, hotels, shops and institutions opened their doors to share their new designs for fall with professionals and the general public, simultaneously giving MAISON&OBJET’s international visitors the chance to sample genuine Parisian lifestyle. In fact, the back-­‐to-­‐back planning of these two events motivated many visitors to extend their stay so as to draw inspiration from the city and forge business contacts in a less formal setting. This urban emulation was particularly beneficial for the young artists supported by the now! le Off exhibition. This platform at Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du design, is a springboard for emerging talents and a key event in autumn’s design world. This year, it brought together a hundred designers from 20 countries, all selected to compete for the Rado Star Prize France 2014. The numbers speak for themselves. With a 55% increase this year, admissions surpassed the 17,000 mark, while the evening awards ceremony for the Rado Star Prize drew 4,227 design aficionados, including Minister of Culture and Communication Fleur Pellerin and First Deputy Mayor of Paris Bruno Julliard, bringing unprecedented visibility to the creative vanguard honoured there.

The September show in brief @MO14 continues its inexorable international climb #MiamiBeach #Singapour #overseasexport With 53% of exhibitors coming from international locations (up 7%) and 50% foreign visitors, MAISON&OBJET continues to draw a growing international audience, with a significant rise in overseas export. This development goes hand in hand with the globalisation of the home décor market. It provides exhibitors with new business prospects on more distant horizons, specifically in the Asia-­‐Pacific and Pan-­‐American regions, where MAISON&OBJET is developing its MAISON&OBJET ASIA and MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS shows. This dynamism was acknowledged by a visit from Matthias Fekl, France’s Secretary of State in charge of External Trade, as well as by Philip Levine, Mayor of Miami Beach, where the first MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS will take place on 12-­‐15 May 2015. A month earlier, 10-­‐13 March, on the fringes of Singapore Design Week, will be the second annual MAISON&OBJET ASIA, spanning twice the surface area of the show’s inaugural 2013 edition.

@MO14 number of exhibitors and new exhibitors up in September #discovery #newtalents Visitors to the show once again enjoyed discovering new designers, brands and companies. With 164 additional exhibitors over September 2013 and 650 new exhibitors, the show has again proven itself a springboard that, through its environment-­‐based organisation, offers tremendous international visibility for both small designers and the biggest name brands.

@MO14 150 events and activities at the September show #conferences #trendsspaces #services #networking #retail MAISON&OBJET is about more than orders, trend-­‐spotting, and trend-­‐setting – the show is also about making contacts and developing networks. For the last few editions, to make it easier for exhibitors to connect with a targeted audience, the show has been developing dedicated services, such as those offered by the Business Lounge and the Club. In the same vein, for visitor support, MAISON&OBJET has developed L’Espace Retail, where retail specialists can learn about the most innovative business tactics, or the MY M&O service, helping anyone compose a customised visitor experience.

The show is also now the medium for conveying all the latest developments in the décor, crafts and design markets via a complete palette of presentations, events and awards demonstrating the changes in the industry, helping professionals stay on the leading edge of their trades. As a result, it now serves as an expressive platform for top-­‐shelf designers, including Designer of the Year 2014 Tom Dixon. It also is an audience attractor for the media themselves, like Monocle magazine, which took part for the first time this year with a wide variety of happenings, including the magazine’s Editor-­‐in-­‐ Chief Tyler Brûlé holding a book-­‐signing for his latest publication, which generated much excitement.

@MO14 Show closely followed by the social networks #sharing #community #socialnetworks Through its Facebook page, the show is drawing a growing community of “fans” who are staying tuned to all the show’s latest news. Nearly a million people have checked the releases published on the show’s official page, including the photo album of the Les Découvertes Prix du Jury, viewed more than 45,000 times. Key Figures MAISON&OBJET PARIS • Attendance increased slightly by 1.1% 66,962 unique visitors 110,000 visits in 5 days • International visitor numbers up by 7.4% The show’s communications campaigns targeting overseas export markets, particularly in Asia-­‐Pacific and Pan-­‐American regions where new shows are being established, is bearing fruit. European visitation numbers also continue to rise. 11.35% more visitors from Latin America 33% more visitors from Mexico 22% more visitors from Brazil 7% more visitors from the USA 10.79% more visitors from Asia 23% more Chinese visitors 32% more Indian visitors 7.6% more visitors from the European Union • Number of exhibitors increased by 5% 3,445 exhibitors An increase of 7% in international exhibitors, a group that now represents 53% of total exhibitors PARIS DESIGN WEEK • A pronounced increase (55%) in the number of visitors to the now! le Off show 17,156 visitors Information & images by courtesy of Maison&Objet Read more news related Maison&Objet published at Infurma Visit the Fairs & Events Calendar in Infurma
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