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MAISON&OBJET September 2012 contributes to the emergence of home-style

Now a key trade event, Maison & Objet twice a year it brings together all the expressions of international design in Paris. Focus on accessories MAISON&OBJET is launching Zoom. Marked out by its own specific signage, this new 4000m2 space at the end of hall 6 will concentrate the most innovative exhibitors from the various accessory sectors. This subjective selection of 200 exhibitors will be re-examined each year to provide visitors with an exclusive panorama of the best of moving, objet de mode, l’enfant and fragrance & spa. This showcase is destined to become an essential indicator of upcoming trends. MAISON&OBJET launches its Outdoor range For the past five years, MAISON&OBJET OUTDOOR_INDOOR has reflected an art of living trend towards bringing interior design outdoors. MAISON&OBJET OUTDOOR_INDOOR has established itself as the benchmark trade show for specialist Outdoor distributors and French and international specifiers. The range of products available has widened in just a few years to reveal significant creative and stylistic diversity. Its development will now form part of MAISON&OBJET’s diversification strategy. The Outdoor phenomenon is today being expressed in a variety of sectors. 2012 Designer’s of the year Hubert le Gall – scènes d’intérieur 2012, designer of the year A visual artist by training, Hubert le Gall (born 1961) designs sculptural furniture whose functional nature plays a supporting role to its narrative or abstract form. “His approach revisits and brings new meaning to furniture and decorative art” writes Élisabeth Delacarte, whose Galerie Avant-Scène in Paris showcases the artist’s work. He uses materials as diverse as bronze, plaster, resin, wood, glass and ceramics to invent an original bestiary of furniture and sow lyrical seeds to populate the most beautiful interiors. His flower tables have become icons, as have the baseless lamps that so effectively convey his liking for illusion and subversion. His is a taste that works with humour to celebrate the emotional relationship with objects he imbues with souls of their own.  This is the free signature style of a truly independent designer who plays not only with whimsicality and subversion, but also with lines and colours, downstrokes and upstrokes, presence and absence. Artist and leading exhibition designer Hubert le Gall is the appointed lead designer of scènes d’intérieur 2012 in recognition of his ability to “transform everyday spaces”, as Elisabeth Delacarte puts it. It’s this ‘magical’ ability of its designers that has been the very essence of the scènes d’intérieur show throughout its history.  Even in the company of such magicians, Hubert le Gall stands out as a designer of rare mastery. Les Frères Campana – MAISON&OBJET 2012, designers of the year In the 80s, Humberto set up a small studio of hand-made products. Graduated in architecture, Fernando was interested in the research of alternative methods for design materialization. He studied Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer’s power of communication and outline synthesis as well as the construction of smallscale objects. After obtaining his degree, he followed an internship at the 17th edition of the Art Bienal, in São Paulo. By the end of 1983, Humberto invited his brother to help him deliver a large order. Since then, they are among the most celebrated partnerships in contemporary design. They are recognized by suggesting new object reading codes besides contributing for a change of perspective in the day-to-day life. Campana´s first exhibition as a duo took place in 1989 at the Nucleon Galery, in São Paulo. The iron chairs collection was called “Desconfortáveis” (Uncomfortable), a selection of pieces which discussed the artistic aspect, the error and the poetry present in discomfort.In 2009, ten years after the exhibition which launched it, the Estúdio Campana was chosen to celebrate its anniversary at the Vitra Design Museum, in Germany, which was also commemorating a decade of existence.Humberto and Fernando Campana were awarded the Special Prize at the Museu da Casa Brasileira (Brazilian House Museum), in 2001, and Designer of the Year, by the Design Miami in 2008. Tokujin Yoshioka – now ! design à vivre 2012, designer of the year Born in 1967.  Established Tokujin Yoshioka Inc. in 2000.  His works, which transcend the boundaries of product design, architecture, and exhibition installation, are highly evaluated also as art. His representative works include the paper chair “Honey-pop”, “PANE chair”, "VENUS – Natural crystal chair”, Swarovski Crystal Palace “STARDUST” “Stellar”, Yamagiwa’s lighting “ToFU” “Tear Drop”, and “MEDIA SKIN” "X-RAY" for au design project. "Water block", a representative work of optical glass projects started since 2002, is permanently exhibited in Musee d'Orsay, Paris. As some of the other important works, he designed the SWAROVSKI’s flagship store in Ginza and a number of boutiques for ISSEY MIYAKE.  He has collaborated with various leading companies such as HERMÈS, BMW, MOROSO, TOYOTA, LEXUS. He also directed exhibition such as "Second Nature" at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in 2008,  and Cartier’s special exhibition  "Story of  . . ." - Memories of Cartier creations (2009), and "Cartier Time Art" (2011). Many of his works are displayed as a part of permanent collections in the world’s well-known museums including Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, Victoria and Albert Museum, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and Vitra Design Museum.  He received prizes such as “Mainichi Design Award, 2001”, “Cultural Affairs Section of Government of Japan, Encourage Prize, 2006”, “Design Miami, Designer of the Year, 2007”,  “Elle Deco International Design Awards (EDIDA)/ Designer of the Year 2009”, "TOKYO Design & Art ENVIROMENTAL AWARDS /  Artist of the Year 2010", "A&W Architektur & Wohnen/Designer of the Year 2011", and "Maison & Objet/ Creator of the Year 2012".His books are “TOUJIN DESIGN” (Gap Publication), “Tokujin Yoshioka Design” (Phaidon Press), “Invisible Forms” (Access Publishing), “TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA” (Rizzoli International Publications ).  Appeared in television broadcaster TBS’s documentary program, “Jonetsu Tairiku” and selected by the Japanese edition of Newsweek as one of the “100 most respected Japanese by the world," and "The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2010" by Fast Company magazine in America. Essentiel, the MAISON&OBJET’s inspiration itinerary It is crucial to calm down, to come back to what’s crystal clear and is the essence of life. Beyond the vicinity of a crowded, noisy world, we can unburden ourselves of the artifices of superficiality and uselessness. We prefer the best to excess in all things. Minimalist luxury is reestablishing a bare, serene timelessness. The contemporary spirit is contemplating Beauty in its most elementary sobriety. The older, the current and the future are being reconciled. Discoveries in the techno-sciences are reinvigorating an optimistic vision of the future. Attitudes and styles are maximizing the senses and sensations and giving a highly desirable art of living a vibrant new spirit. Step 1: Minimum  by Elizabeth Leriche - hall 2 : Choosing the better by privileging “less” is the contemporary expression of an anti-bling-bling luxury that is turning its back on overload. Bare geometry, simple lines, transparent materials, lighter forms and gradations of colors are privileging high emotional wattage. Design is creating a minimalist art that plays the card of discretion and invites contemplation. Stylistic asceticism is freeing space from the weight of things and revealing the essence of Beauty in all its purity. Step 2: Elément(s) by François Bernard - hall 1 : Living well is changing the parameters. Now is the time for a simple timelessness that is nevertheless rich in emotions and sensations. Geometrical, archetypal, molecular or abstract forms are referencing elements like water, earth, fire and air. Design is drawing inspiration from meteorology and climatology to invent new expressions of today’s atmosphere. Between lightness and weightiness, power and transparency, force and fluidity, a new generation of objects is inviting us to dream. Step 3: Yes Future! by Vincent Grégoire (NellyRodi) – hall 3 : Here’s to tomorrow! Emerging technologies are tracing the territories of an innovative new world. Against the grain of déjà vu, modernity is sending a gentle change into orbit, activating our imaginations. Innovation is speeding up positive energies in all fields of design. Materials and their performance are sketching out a future in which the senses and sensuality are combined. With fluidity and light, we are exploring new ways of living. Tomorrow is already here. Parcours Fil Vert Here’s to tomorrow! Emerging technologies are tracing the territories of an innovative new world. Against the grain of déjà vu, modernity is sending a gentle change into orbit, activating our imaginations. Innovation is speeding up positive energies in all fields of design. Materials and their performance are sketching out a future in which the senses and sensuality are combined. With fluidity and light, we are exploring new ways of living. Tomorrow is already here. Talents à la carte. Hall 7 For each edition of MAISON&OBJET, the Talents à la Carte section offers visitors the chance to discover a selection of six young and especially promising designers. The talents selected for this latest edition were chosen with the help of various editors of the Asian versions of the magazine ELLE DECORATION. Each of them had the great responsibility of sponsoring THE designer of tomorrow for their country, in order to offer them – during the MAISON&OBJET trade show – the opportunity to meet with international interior design professionals. A 100% Asian selection, demonstrating the rising power of Far Eastern design : San Sheng Wu Xing young designers’s collective, Zanun Nurangga, Ko Kado, Heewon Kim, Decha Archiananun Don’t miss it: services and évents for a optimized visit Lectures, debates. Hall 5B Friday, September 7 - Paris Encounters 2pm - 3pm  A conversation with scènes d'intérieur’s 2012 Designer of the Year: Hubert le Gall 3.30pm - 4.30pm Philippe Nigro, Pierre Favresse, Guillaume Delvigne, rising figures in French design Saturday, September 8 - Paris Forecasting 11.30am - 12.30pm  A new age for bus stations: more comfort, more services. The public space is theirs 2pm - 3pm  Envisioning the “house of the future” Sunday, September 9 - Paris Distribution 11.30am - 12.30pm  Redefining new customer relations in the face of the new internet reality 2pm - 3pm  How to protect your intellectual property rights 3.30pm - 4.30pm Manu Maestria made in France Monday, September 10 - Paris Itineraries 11.30am - 12.30pm Design-art galleries: how to make it on the international scene? 2pm - 3pm  Hotels in… Fashion Program subject to change. Further information at the website NEW! DESIGN by NATURE, Hall 6 Florists and garden centres are opening up to interior decoration in order to attract consumers and offer them creative and fashionable ideas, in a stand located in the centre of hall 6 where visitors may gasp and marvel at the plants on show. Trees, plants and flowers are sources of inspiration for the greatest designers. They embody the quintessence of design by combining aesthetics (shapes, colours, etc) and functions (to beautify, to give pleasure, to provide harmony, etc). This new look at the world of plants is decidedly contemporary. Business Lounge. Hall 5B The Business Lounge will once again be an integral part of ‘Côté Déco Actuel’, within the range of contemporary furniture in hall 5B. This lively and friendly space devoted to networking and business meetings is a genuine meeting place within MAISON&OBJET for specifiers, labelled exhibitors, specialised press and institutions linked to the world of specifiers. L’Espace Retail by Open D Group Hall 5B In September 2012, MAISON&OBJET is offering an educational space, developed with the agency Open D Group, that will present – via a tour – the various stages of a Retail project: from a brand’s identity to its display, spanning the management of the customer experience, the architectural concept, and merchandising. Formed in July 2002, Open D Group is an agency specialised in product design and the creation of Retail concepts. Its areas of expertise are recognised by leading firms in cosmetics, perfumery, watch-making/jewellery, wines and spirits, and the art of living, in France and abroad. Its subsidiaries in Paris, Dubai, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, Geneva, Beirut, Mumbai and Shanghai have created designs for brands such as: COTY, FAUCHON, HUGO BOSS, DOLCE&GABBANA, ARMANI, DELSEY, GUERLAIN, RALPH LAUREN and DIESEL. Offering comprehensive solutions, the group is involved in brand strategy, from product design and packaging to the installation of products in sales points with merchandising and Retail design. The agency’s constant aim is to balance the artistic approach with the commercial objective. The diversity and complementarity of the Open D Group’s expertise allows the creation of an educational ESPACE RETAIL, where each stage in the creation of a brand and a concept will be led by genuine experts in branding, product design and merchandising / retail. This space will be true to Open D’s philosophy, allying aesthetics with effectiveness, so that the consumer becomes a buyer. Le labo matériO. Simple Matter(s), Hall 5B matériO the independent information centre on materials and innovative products presentsa new exhibition. 'SIMPLE MATTER(S)' as well as 'simplicity matters', the exhibition questions our abilities to go back to fundamental values. How to, in a complex world, combine sophistication and disarming simplicity? Atelier d'Art de France Young Designers Stand, Hall 4 Begun in 1959 by the Ateliers d’Art de France, the annual competition for Young Designers rewards 12 prize-winners on the basis of their quality, innovation and technical proficiency.  Each time, Ateliers d’Art de France offers six prize-winners the chance to exhibit their designs in Craft, the space for arts and crafts. This allows them to present their work to French and international professional buyers in the best possible conditions. For the September 2012 edition, the following prize-winners will be present: Dorine Decayeux – jewellery designer; Anna Le Reun – designer and fashion designer; Pauline Ronget – glassworker; Sylvie Hoarau – origamist; Florence Pauliac – ceramicist; and Cyril-John Rousseau – glassworker. These are the rising stars of arts and crafts – active pioneers and heirs to exceptional expertise with an innovative and personal spin. For them, the Young Designers stand is a genuine springboard for future success. Wonderhouse, Hall 4 In September, Wonderhouse - acte #2 will focus on the spirit of the late 19th century. Chiaroscuro, neo-Victorian extravagance, Second Empire opulence, contemporary dandyism, new Romanticism and mystery – those are the key words of this event. PARIS DESIGN WEEK, new session from Monday 10 to Sunday 16 September 2012! Launched in September 2011, by the organisers of MAISON&OBJET, PARIS DESIGN WEEK immediately appealed to a broad public of professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts. PARIS DESIGN WEEK second edition The new edition of PARIS DESIGN WEEK will take place from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th September with the ambition of developing stronger and better structured content, to satisfy the various needs of the participating public. In an eventful atmosphere, showrooms, design galleries, art galleries, concept stores, architecture and design agencies, cultural institutions but also hotels and restaurants, will present their latest collections, thematic exhibitions, international brand presentations and latest expressions in culinary design in the dynamic style characterising MAISON&OBJET. Besides the visit of the itinerary through the major Parisian districts, PARIS DESIGN WEEK also offers thematic itineraries to help each visitor draw up a tailored approach to the event. - Art & Design : to discover exhibitions of the work of historic figures in the discipline through design galleries, museums or Parisian foundations but also more projective exhibitions on the work of contemporary designers. - Design & Architecture(s) : Architecture, the large-scale dimension of design, architects and designers work for the same goal: creating an ideal environment for users. Both disciplines stem from the same approach. Design can be considered as Microarchitecture and architecture as Macro-Design.The DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE(S) itinerary will present special events designed to present Parisian architecture, approaches that create dialogue and blend together design and architecture: moving and nomadic architecture, places that reference materials aimed at architects and designers: traditional and artisan-based methods or new technical and innovative materials. - Design upcomming : to discover the latest products from the most emblematic brands in contemporary design. - Digital Design & innovation : Engineers and designers work together to build tomorrow's future housing and environment. - Design in France : Representative of all French know-how, design is developed and differentiated, it integrates costumes and traditions, through the reconverted industrial fabric and innovative educational tools. - Paris Design Week Kids by Doolittle : Concerned as it is with ergonomics, eco-design and sustainability, design is developing for children: from the design of toys through to furniture that surrounds children. Design helps to stimulate children's creative learning and inquisitiveness with respect to objects and their environment. In partnership with Doolittle, PARIS DESIGN WEEK offers an itinerary of the most creative addresses in the world of children's design. - Food & Design : The first contact we have with food is visual and olfactory. Culinary Design enhances and questions the contents and container of a meal. It is now essential. In interior design, packaging and tableware, eating well becomes an aesthetic and sensory experience. - Mobility & Sport : At the heart of urban and environmental issues, mobility is questioned as a whole as city centres become more dense and the urban weave is extended. Moving means living. Transport modes are redefined in terms of community comfort and well-being in the city (noise, safety, pollution, etc.) transport modes are adapted to new lifestyles Other itineraries complete these themes to give a new approach to the many expressions that now characterise design and to track down contemporary creative ideas in Paris. now ! le off now! le off is an essential anchoring point of PARIS DESIGN WEEK. An integral part of the event since the 1st edition, this exhibition dedicated to young designers has met with considerable success. 11,000 visitors have discovered the emerging talents of the new French and European scene, there to reveal their - often self-produced - designs to the public. It is also the opportunity to make direct contact with the new graduates of the most prestigious design schools. Finally, last year, now ! le off presented 80 designers, most of whom took advantage of this springboard to launch their career.There should be around a hundred of them participating in this new edition showcasing their unbridled creativity.  MAISON&OBJET, scènes d'intérieur, now! design à vivre, MAISON&OBJET | projets |, MAISON&OBJET OUTDOOR_INDOOR et craft l'espace métiers d'art. Fall-Winter 2012/2013 collections Dates From friday 7th to monday 11th September, 2012 Opening hours: from 09:30 to 19:00, closing at 18:00 the last day Adress : Parc des expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5A, 5B, 6, 7, 8. Secteurs/salons : Hall 1 : ethnic chic.MIC Hall 2 : textile Hall 3 : la table Hall 4 : Craft, l’espace métiers d’art Hall 4 , 5A & 5B : côté déco Hall 5A & 6 : accessoires maison Hall 6 : accessoires maison Hall 7: MAISON&OBJET I projets I Hall 7 : scènes d’intérieur Hall 8 : MAISON&OBJET OUTDOOR_INDOOR Hall 8 : now ! design à vivre Visit the Maison & Objet website
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