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Living: Ambiente Frankfurt’s highlight for the international furnishings sector

Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main from 12 to 16 February 2016 is an absolute must-attend event: buyers from furniture and furnishings stores, boutiques, galleries and lifestyle shops will find the most fabulous products for furnishing, design, lifestyle and decoration. Among them is Robert Klanten, publisher and CEO of the Gestalten Publishing House, owner of the Gestalten Concept Stores, the Gestalten Pavilion and the Gestalten Space in Berlin. The products in his Concept Store tell stories for his customers. At the same time, the themes for the concepts come from the content of the books in his publishing house. In order, however, to be able to assess the selection of products from more than pictures alone, consumer-goods fairs play an important role for Klanten: “When you're on the spot, you can better judge the physical qualities and the feel of the products. These elements are difficult to assess from pictures. Moreover, it is always extremely interesting to see how different brands interpret and stage their own products.” In the course of Ambiente, some 1,100 exhibitors will be showcasing the latest and most popular trends covered by the 'Living' section at the show, thus providing a huge source of inspiration for visitors. “Buyers who have come in search of something quite special, something that tells a story, something unusual or unique, will find exactly that at Ambiente. “The 'Living' section inspires visitors with some very individual concepts and products for the home and is an important barometer of trends for the whole sector,” observes Sabine Scharrer, Director of the 'Living' section at Ambiente. For Robert Klanten, trade fairs serve mainly as a way of putting together an initial portfolio of products of the requisite breadth. “We take advantage of visits to trade fairs, to be able to get a broad base of information and then select from the various options. In many instances, it is, in any case, advisable to make sure of appropriate allocations of products from one's favourite manufacturers at the fair. Creative accessories for the home with out-of-the-ordinary design Designer and avant-garde accessories for the home, furniture, lamps, textiles and designer items will be on display at the stands of exhibitors such as Authentics, Bitossi Home, Chillewich, Diamantini & Domeniconi, Henry Dean, Fatboy, Lind DNA, Pappelina, Philippi, Raumgestalt, Reisenthel, Sompex and Umbra in Hall 11 Level 0. In the 'Interiors & Decoration' section in Halls 8.0 and 9.0 buyers will be able to find a high-quality selection of international furnishing ideas, which, to complement the 'Loft' product group, take their cue rather more from traditional and affective styles. Exhibitors such as Dôme Deco/Eurofashion, Eichholtz, Fink, Goodwill, IHR, Lambert, Tom’s Company, Spagl and Silk-ka will be showcasing accessories for the home, furniture, textiles, lamps and candles in Hall 9.0. In Hall 8.0, suppliers such as Boltze, Broste Copenhagen, Exotica Cor Mulder, Eurographics, Greengate, Gasper, House Doctor, Item International, Kare Design, Light & Living, Present Time, Serax/Mania, Van Es Home and Wohnmanufactur Grünberger will be showcasing their new product ideas. Decorative items, garden furniture, plant holders and outdoor articles are the focus of displays in the 'Seasonal Decoration' section by exhibitors such as DPI, Hakbijl and Kaheku, Schönes Wohnen. In the two sourcing areas - 'Passage Home' and 'Passage Home & Garden Select' in Hall 10, Levels 1 and 2, manufacturers with a great deal of experience in the export trade will be displaying an extensive range of products for large-volume buyers: from industrially manufactured products to hand-crafted goods sold in bulk quantities, as well as solutions involving customisation. Unique source of inspiration Year upon year, Ambiente impresses its trade visitors with a range and variety of products and topics that is without parallel anywhere in the world. Not least, the scenarios of Ambiente trends, staged by the Trend Bureau bora.herke.palmisano in Galleria 1, offers a huge number of ideas for selecting one's own range of goods and provides, at the same time, an overview of the new products from the Ambiente exhibitors. For his selection, Robert Klanten keeps an eye out for individual young talents: “We are always on the lookout for young designers, who are keen to try new pathways in their attempts to give expression to their creativity. At the same time, we lay stress on the quality of the craftsmanship, the enduring nature of the product and the unusualness of the ideas.” Ideas like this are also on display in Ambiente's special programmes involving the sector's young talents. They complete the range of products on show in the 'Living section' and offer visitors some exciting additional value. As a way of getting to know the new companies and labels in the marketplace, it is worth visiting Hall 11.0. There, young designers of tomorrow showcase their innovative ideas in the field of interior design. In the same hall, the promotional programme 'Next' provides a platform for start-up entrepreneurs with a design background, who are seeking to establish themselves in the sector and are looking for international contacts. There are also some fascinating design innovations on display from this year's participants in the joint stands from Finland, Japan and Taiwan in Hall 11.0. For the first time, the CBI – Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries – will be exhibiting in the foyer of this hall, with home and fashion accessories from Africa. This way, buyers with a particular interest in design and sustainability can get an overview of the carefully selected products from the CBI's programme. Source: Ambiente Images from Ambiente 2015 Read more news related Ambiente published at Infurma Visit the Ambiente website Visit the Fairs & Events Calendar in Infurma
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