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In 2013, Batimat celebrates Architecture with “Batimat Off”

"Batimat Off", 6 unique tours of emblematic new architectural projects in the greater Paris region. Tour Carpe Diem (La Défense), Cité du Cinéma film studio complex (Saint-Denis), Banque Postale head office (6th arrondissement, Paris), Hôpital Saint-Joseph (14th arrondissement, Paris), Hermès Rive Gauche boutique (6th arrondissement, Paris), and Université d'Assas (6th arrondissement, Paris) are just some of the outstanding, recently completed projects that illustrate the changing face of the French capital. BATIMAT, INTERCLIMA+ELEC and IDEO BAIN now comprise the world's biggest building and architecture showcase. From 4 to 8 November 2013, the three shows will occupy all 9 halls of Paris Nord Villepinte for an unprecedented event, when 400,000 industry professionals will come to meet more than 3,000 exhibitors. This new session will celebrate architecture and give architects a platform through a series of major events that include BATIMAT OFF, “real-life” guided tours designed primarily for visitors to the show and turning the spotlight on materials. BATIMAT OFF: 6 guided tours of emblematic buildings that illustrate the transformation of the Greater Paris region From 4 to 8 November 2013, BATIMAT will give visitors a unique chance to find out about 32 of the most outstanding buildings in the Greater Paris region, with commentary from architects. These 32 projects have been selected from among the top architectural projects being presented at BATIMAT In Situ* (part of BATIMAT) for their innovation in terms of construction (particularly the choice of materials), their high standard of architecture, and the quality of their layout and ecological and technological innovation.
BATIMAT OFF is an opportunity to see first-hand the buildings presented as a digital exhibition at BATIMAT In Situ.*
Six separate tours, each lasting 2 to 3 hours, will give visitors an insight into the architectural treasures completed in the Greater Paris region since late 2011.
1- Western Paris: Lucie Aubrac school complex (Nanterre), Tour Majung a office block (La Défense), Tour Carpe Diem office block (La Défense), INPI head office (Courbevoie), Cité du Cinéma film studio complex (Saint-Denis), Tour Bois-le-Prêtre apartments (14th arrondissement, Paris).

INPI head office

2- Northern Paris: 143 student apartments, Halle Pajol, Pajol Sports Centre, Crèche Binet (all 18th arrondissement), École Claude Bernard (19th arrondissement).

Halle Pajol

3- Eastern Paris: 192 student apartments (19th arrondissement), 18 social housing units (18th arrondissement), Étoile Lila Cinema (20th arrondissement), 62 student apartments (11th arrondissement), Place de la République (10th arrondissement).

Basket Apartments

4- Central Paris: Offices at 32 Blanche (8th arrondissement), Gare Saint-Lazare (8th arrondissement), Opéra Garnier “Phantom” Restaurant (9th arrondissement), Banque Postale head office (6th arrondissement), Aesop Saint-Honoré store (1st arrondissement), École Novancia (15th arrondissement).

Offices at 32 Blanche

5- Southwest Paris: Stade Jean-Bouin (16th arrondissement), Hôpital Saint-Joseph (14th arrondissement), Université Assas (6th arrondissement), Dupleix apartments (15th arrondissement), Hermès Rive Gauche boutique (6th arrondissement).

Stade Jean-Bouin

6- Southeast Paris: Maison de l'Inde student apartments (14th arrondissement), Arts et Métiers Paris Tech (13th arrondissement), M9C Complex (13th arrondissement), Université Paris Diderot (17th arrondissement), youth hostel (11th arrondissement).

Maison de l'Inde student apartments

For a place on the tours, simply fill in the form that will be posted in mid-September 2013 at Tours can also be customised for groups and delegations.
• Fee: €25 including VAT for a tour with commentary by an architect
• Details of all six tours and departure dates can be downloaded here
• Dates: 4 to 8 November 2013
*BATIMAT In Situ: a digital “inside look” at the architect's thought process, from initial design concept to choice of materials.
BATIMAT In Situ is a must-attend event at BATIMAT 2013, offering total digital immersion in the most innovative architectural design projects in the Greater Paris region, with the presentation of 50 outstanding buildings completed since late 2011 – projects at the cutting edge of the region’s urban development, spearheading the transformation of the city and the landscape.
Source: Batimat
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