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Home and contract are the new image of Feria Hábitat Valencia for the 2016 event

Feria Hábitat Valencia renews its campaign image to highlight innovation, trends and the global offer surrounding the home and the contract.

Innovation and trends for the home and contract. These are the linchpins for the new campaign image of Feria Hábitat Valencia for its upcoming edition to be held from February 1 to 5 in Feria Valencia along with Cevisama and Fimma - Maderalia. The study of the Valencian designer, Alejandro Benavent has created a setting where everything revolves around the home, - the mainstay of the proposal -, although on this occasion other segments are making their entrance such as contract, one of the key actors in this edition. The image put forward is conceived as a dynamic and positive collage, where the habitat interacts and is enriched by other creative and industrial ideas, focusing on the latest market trends. In this sense, the central element of the home is surrounded by images in form of a collage and micro and macro patterns of textures belonging to the habitat. According to Benavent, “Hábitat is pure innovation; it’s like a gigantic scrap-book of trends that is able to bring together important companies from the habitat industry, decoration, illumination and design from Southern Europe in a single space”. Accordingly, for this designer, the image tries to transmit “modernity and dynamism, highlighting the importance of the Mediterranean character and style of the fair”.

National and international focus With the kick off of this campaign, Habitat stakes a claim for its singularity as compared to other exhibition fairs and congresses and stresses its clear focus towards innovation, both in its contents and in the quality of the participating brands and the visitor profiles. The event has focused its campaign for capturing exhibitors on the best national businesses and brands who propose a product of quality and added value targeting shops and prestigious purchasing groups. In this regard, the response is very positive, as in the last few weeks alone, the event has received numerous applications from leading companies interested in not missing the chance to be present in a showcase such as Valencia. On the international side, Hábitat has designed a campaign to attract high-class design exhibitors who want to be present in a recovering market such as Spain. It should be born in mind that in this year’s edition, there has already been an increase of 21% of international exhibitors, mainly from design and state-of- the-art environments. The next edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia will be held from February 1 to 5, along with Cevisama and Fimma – Maderalia, in a new edition of the successful “See you in Valencia” initiative with a global offer for architecture, design and interior designing. In its last edition, there was a 20% increase in Habitat’s exhibition programme. There were 270 national and international companies and brands present and 65,694 professional visitors from 94 countries. Source: Feria Valencia Read more news related Feria Habitat Valencia published at Infurma Read more news related See You in Valencia published at Infurma Visit the Fairs & Events Calendar in Infurma
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