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FMC China 2012 On-site Events Launched

FMC China 2012, the Largest Woodworking Show in the Second Half of the Year in China, has launched the On-Site events programm. Various professional and interactive activities are going to be held during the exhibition. Your participation is welcome. • FMC New Products, New Technologies & New Materials Display In order to increase the interaction of the two venues, attract more Furniture China exhibitors, let more trade buyers know about FMC highlights, and to help more exhibitors promote their latest technologies and products, FMC China 2012 will open 17 booths of 20 square meters each to show New Products & Technology at Furniture China 2012 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from 11 to 14 September 2012. Accompanied by creative booth design and special interactive events, the showcase will catch wide attention from insiders and trade buyers. Meanwhile, the showcase will provide FMC exhibitors an exchange platform to get more business opportunities and attract over 3,000 exhibitors and 100,000 trade buyers’ attention. • FMC China 2012 Technical Seminars In order to gain investment opportunities, promote industrial development and product upgrades, enhance industrial competitiveness and improve marketing capabilities, FMC provides a distribution platform of new products and invites main industry media as well as domestic and overseas exhibitors to hold professional technical seminars for three days. • On-site Media Interviews The organiser will set up a Press Centre especially for the media’s on-site face to face interviews with exhibitors, building a communications platform to disseminate the latest information about new products and technologies. • Exhibitors On-site Product Demonstrations Exhibitors will introduce their products by special promotion methods on-site to attract more visitor attention. • Furniture Exhibitors’ Exclusive Day By applying before FMC exhibition, participants will receive warm tips of events schedule before visiting. A shuttle bus is especially arranged for participants. A bilingual tour guide will show participants all of the exciting hot spots at FMC. For further information about FMC China 2012, you can read this special article or visit the FMC China 2012 website
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