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Feria Habitat Valencia presents over a hundred new collections from Tuesday

Valencia is preparing to host a new edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia next week characterized, this time, by the high number of news and new collections. In fact, the positioning on the calendar in early February has caused exhibiting companies - many of them in the high end of their respective sectors, to choose the Valencia event to present their first fruits of the year. In total there will be over a hundred new collections, designs and innovations that will be displayed from next Tuesday until Friday, February 14th, which shows the differentiating impulse of Feria Habitat Valencia as a trends and developments event around a selection of brands for habitat and contract. The Feria Habitat Valencia 2014 showcase will cover all segments and sectors integrated in the habitat sectors. Of these, the Valencia event is distinguished by a wide selection of top designer brands that come to Valencia with some of their latest news. This is the case of the Spanish company Andreu World, who will show one of its 'top' of the beginning of the year such as the Quattro de Liévore Alther Molina collection, and its 'outdoor' sofa Siesta.

Quattro collection. Design by Lievore Altherr Molina for Andreu World

In the same area, Pau by Ascension Latorre will also be showcasing their collaboration with Ximo Roca and the Lavernia & Cienfuegos study, like the other vanguard firm such as Inclass and the new collection by Ramón Esteve or Made Design, that presents Valencia in one flurry of developments led by the creativity of studies such as those of Stone Design and Joan Rojeski.

Senday. Design by Joan Rojeski for Made Design

Essential in this segment are also developments concerning another leading firm such as Capdell supplementing its range of the cutting edge catalogue with chairs, tables and stools, or another brand that focuses on the design such as ST, which will deploy the first news of the year in design supplements with interesting collaborations with Enblanc, Pablo Gironés and Victor Carrasco. Vondom, meanwhile, will also show in Valencia for the first time in Spain the news such as the children’s metaphor Rosinante from a genius such as Eero Aarnio.

Rosinante. Design by Eero Aarnio for Vondom

The Flash area will be, never better, the natural habitat of this product segment, along with other major focus of cutting edge design, this time from an unconventional and irreverent way: the nude salon. 22 designers and design studios meet in the real nursery of creativity and innovation in the Spanish habitat sector with very few original creations and designs that seem to indicate a trend turnaround: the stiffness of the Nordic style to the 'Memphis' femininity style. Reference in classic furniture and high decoration. Between the natural and the Baroque In the forefront of the high decoration. As if we spent water fire but with the common denominator of the contract. Within the most classic field, Valencia is still a leader. One of the few exhibitions in the world with a powerful presence of classic furniture and high decoration, why it is chosen by prescribers and decorators worldwide. Also in this segment it includes the new proposals of the most recognized firms. From around the most exclusive baroque that Mariner, Soher, Amboan and Guadarte proposed - latter on their return to Valencia, to the refinement of the Alexandra and Latorre collection, imposing new classic kitchens from Pico or the hue to a more contemporary classic that Hurtado proposes.

Coleccion Alexandra

Also noteworthy is the step that Tecni Nova takes with its new collection 'Countryside' towards more natural postulates and attached to the core of the earth, much in line with the trends in interior design. It is also a proposal followed by firms such as Contradictions with light textiles and different textures. This looks towards the feelings, towards the emotional aspect of everything around us is also evident in the collections that a firm in home textiles as Naturtex will present, which, without doubt, bet on the braid and roughening their creations.

Countryside by Tecni Nova

Lighting for the project Habitat orientation towards business contract and internationalization has led, among other things, that the lighting covers a greater role. At the 2014 event, the Habitat showcase lights the new 'Belle Nuit' collection by Lladró as well as it will highlight the reference in contemporary lighting representing a firm such as LZF.

Escape. Design by Ray Power for Lzf Lamps

Almerich, meanwhile, will celebrate its 70th anniversary at Habitat with a special role of its new cutting-edge lighting collections, among which is the amazing system 'Party' created by the young Ramón Arnau & Sleep Late Projects. Massmi, Fambuena and Ole by FM will be some of the other firms that will present new collections that oscillate between functionality and organic forms.

Lamparella. Design by Nacho Timón for Massmi

New contract Solutions Habitat will be the large container of ideas and solutions for the contract field. And under this premise, two giants in coatings for interior design and architecture such as Cosentino and DuPont Corian have chosen Valencia to present exclusively to the market their innovative new materials and colors proposals to date that have not been used in interior decoration. Some even do not unveil until the opening of the doors next Tuesday ...

Corian Deepcolour Technology

Habitat is ready. The exhibition finalizes the assembly and the 225 firms and trademarks present from next week at the exhibition pack their news to display them to the thousands of buyers, interior designers, retailers and habitat enthusiasts gathered at the Feria Valencia event. Source: Feria Habitat Valencia Read more news related Feria Habitat Valencia published at Infurma Visit the 2014 Fairs & Events Calendar in Infurma
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