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Feria Hábitat Valencia grows by a day and will be held from the 9th to the 13th of February 2015

The next edition of Feria Habitat Valencia will be held from Monday 9th to Friday 13th of February 2015, which will extend the contest from four to five days to meet the needs of exhibitors and the higher expectations of business. With this expansion it also aims to continue and enhance synergies developed with Cevisama and is expected from returning in 2015 under the new 'See You in Valencia’ format, which has garnered such good results this year by bringing nearly 120,000 professionals in its premiere last February. Adding another day to the dates of the holding of Feria Habitat Valencia was treated last week as part of the first Board of Business Work, convened by the event and has the presence of leading firms of the habitat sector involved in the project, such as Inclass, Point, Joenfa, Tecni Nova, Carmenes, La Ebanisteria, Ascension Latorre, Sancal Coleccion Alexandra, Almerich, Martinez y Orts, Riperlamp and ACB Illuminacion. This Board of Work -which will be adding more firms and brands from all sectors at the fair –gave the green light to the new dates and, also, it defined some of the strategies that will make the next round of Feria Habitat Valencia. Internationalisation, contract, quality and regional leadership In this sense, the event will bet on growth in its international position, especially through an increase in the supply of European firms as well as enhance the uptake of international buyers both from mature markets such as, especially, in markets where the Valencia event differentiates from other fairs, such as the Maghreb, Africa and Latin America. In addition, the contract channel will be a strategic axis for Feria Habitat Valencia 2015, following the philosophy of the See You in Valencia initiative and the joint celebration with Cevisama. Remember that 80% of prescribers (architects, decorators or interior designers) who attended the ceramics event visited Habitat, with the substantial increase in business that generated for exhibitors of the furniture, lighting and textiles event. Along with this, Feria Habitat Valencia 2015 will also bet on product quality and the firms and brands present in its showcase. A 'premium' commitment to consolidate the national leadership of the event and passing by the presence in the supply of Habitat of the leading manufacturers and brands from various sectors that make up habitat in Spain. "Our main goal is to increase the supply of and that includes the major Spanish companies in the sector and European brands," says Maximo Solaz. The event director recognizes that "as we have pointed out the exhibitors at the last edition, the results were better than expected, especially because of the synergies with Cevisama". "At the next appointment, he continues, we continue the project and the 'See You in Valencia' initiative but increasing the offer to give more value to the fair, to attract more buyers and, above all, to attract more and better business to our exhibitors." Source: Feria Habitat Valencia Read more news related Feria Habitat Valencia and See You in Valencia published at Infurma
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