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Feria Hábitat Valencia 2015 creates an exclusive area for national and international editors

Feria Hábitat Valencia will launch its next edition, which will be held February 9th to the 13th at Feria Valencia; a new exclusive exhibition area for editing firms of Habitat. The new zone 'Editors', which is already being presented to the professionals of the sector, will host a group of selected national and international editor products for the equipment of Habitat, with less than ten years of market presence and bet on the self-production.

This is an unprecedented initiative in a professional fair of the sector where, to date, it was common for editors to expose in a fair trade but not special or different from the rest of the exhibitors area. With this proposal, Feria Habitat Valencia responds to this new business model that is being consolidated in the habitat sector influenced by new marketing channels and the reorganization of the industrial fabric of the furniture. An alternative to the Crisis in the Sector Editing companies, in this sense, are meant to be small-sized enterprises and have a network of suppliers and workshops that produce selected designs. Raúl Durá, of the company La Mamba, says, “It is a type of company which has always been present in the sector but now it has imposed itself as an alternative after years of crisis; the wide range of factories do not fully occupy their production". La Mamba, a design studio that has recently been formed into an editing company, is precisely collaborating in the implementation underway in this area within the exhibition space in Feria Habitat Valencia. Durá says, "Since the contest has chosen to differentiate themselves with this type of new exhibition areas, where new models of business with new marketing channels to contact, it is, in short, what is being asked for the sector, a renewal in the business." For this designer, "Publishing Company offers one greater range when it comes to being able to choose which products and designs will be produced, giving more space to the creative freedom and the adaptation to new habits of consumption of products of Habitat." The initiative is being very well received by professionals of the sector, especially in the groups of designers who have chosen entrepreneurship and are establishing new business in the market of the Habitat. In fact, some of the editors who have already confirmed their participation at Feria Habitat Valencia are former exhibitors of Salon Nude of Feria Habitat Valencia, the consolidated platform for young international designers. In this sense, the new zone 'Editors' appears as a natural evolution in the way of the young designers to the market themselves. Trading platform, Trends and New  Businesses With this new exhibition area, Feria Habitat Valencia strengthens its commitment to the  2015 edition for a contest with great added value; simply configured as a trading platform, trends and internationalization they put in value the new business in the sector of habitat models. In this sense, area editors joins the exhibition of projects that are participating in the initiative 'Ranks', a platform of theoretical and practical training that integrates businesses, technological institutes and administration with about twenty new business initiatives. The selected projects will also have their own exhibition area. In addition, in Habitat are, Nude will return to celebrate a new edition, set for the promotion of young designers, which celebrates its thirteenth Edition in 2015. Feria Habitat Valencia  will be held February 9th  to the 13th at Feria Valencia, next to Cevisama, the International Salon of ceramics for architecture, bathroom equipment, natural stone, raw materials, enamels, ceramic colors, Frits and machinery (even years).  Both events republished for the second consecutive year the 'See you in Valencia' initiative, which also includes the holding a full agenda of activities around the world of interior design, design and architecture. Source: Feria Habitat Valencia Read more news related Feria Habitat Valencia published at Infurma See the “Fairs & Events” Calendar in Infurma
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