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Exhibitors preview: Hábitat 2016 selects the best European companies in terms of design, style and trends

It is worth noting the return of companies such as Gandia Blasco, Expormim, Valenti or Joquer, as well as an important participation of Italian and Central European companies. The showcase for high-end decoration, design, contemporary design and lighting consolidates the strong will of Hábitat to be a “Premium” event for contract and quality shops and stores. Feria Hábitat Valencia, due to held its next edition from 1 to 5 February 2016, continues to shape its exhibition showcase, in which the brand selection and commitment with a top-quality level offer will be its main feature. We are particularly glad to see the return of various prestigious firms, as well as the presence of a remarkable selection of Italian and Central European brands that have chosen Valencia as their reference trade fair for the Spanish market. The market segment involved in design and contemporary furniture and decoration will have an outstanding presence in the Habitat showcase that will witness the return of companies such as Gandia Blasco and Expormim from Valencia or Joquer, a trendy upholstery company located in Barcelona.  They will be joined by a large pool of Spanish brands, which, no doubt, combine to complete a very comprehensive range in which Actiu, Andreu World, Capdell, Cármenes, Calma, Point, Sky Line, José Martínez Medina, B&V, Maar Diseño,La Palma. Mobexiona, Tadel, Herta, Ofifran or Pau, among other, is included.  They all will be joined by a substantial number of firms whose products are more contemporary in style, with high standards of quality and committed with high added-value segments, such as the contract one.  This is the case for Exportjunk, Divani Star or Constan World. Italian and Central European Design Italian design will have a significant presence in the next Habitat edition.  As evidenced by the presence of leading brands such as Versat, Cattelan, Antonio Lupi, Dall’Agnese, Fast, Caimi, Maoli, Caccaro, Ferrero Legno or Olivari. Additionally, Habitat has confirmed the participation of a good number of European companies and brands, that will contribute with their topical nordic style trends and innovation.  These are brands such as:   Brokis and MMCite from Czech Republic, E15 from Germany, Rex Kralj   from Slovenia,Rex Kralj from Belgium.  They will be joined by the outstanding presence of Portuguese companies such as MAB, Apacheco, Mindol, Atelier do Estofo or Luis Silva. All those companies are at the forefront of cutting-edge design and will participate in Habitat under the different formats set out both in free participation and in the new  ‘Area D' contents zone or the more minimalistic format of stands called ‘Flash’. High end décor and lighting Together with them, Habitat has also selected a good number of prestigious firms and brands within the high-end decor.  These are regular exhibitors in nearly all of the editions of this show at Feria Valencia. Other prestigious and stylish firms are also choosing Feria Hábitat Valencia as their main platform for their promotion and sales, both in top-level retail as in the contract international studios, where a substantial part of the business is concentrated. In this segment, we are speaking about virtually all top Spanish companies in this sector, such as Tecni Nova, Mariner, Muebles Picó, Contradictions, Colección Alexandra, Guadarte, Hurtado, Llas, Amboán, Tapizados Lujosa or Muebles Cercós.  Also the firms  Luminosos Ales, Decorarcher, Ormo Sofás, Lorenzo Prieto, Panamar, Colonial Club, Arte Romera, Ascensión Latorre and the brand Pedra i Foc will have a strong presence.  Special mention deserves the return of a prestigious company that has been a reference for quite a few years in style furniture: the company Valenti, from Barcelona will be again in Valencia. Furthermore, Hábitat 2016 will also host national and international firms in the field of design and contemporary lighting or top-end decoration, such as the companies: IDP, Almerich, Fokobu, Tomás & Saez, Omio, Europantalla, Ilexpa, Anperbar, Ole, Iris Cristal, Riperlamp, Martínez y Orts, ACB, Fede or Els Banys. “Hábitat is positioned as a quality showcase welcoming Trend-setting Companies, against other trade-fair proposals with no added value”, explains Andrés Gil-Nogués, Director of Feria Hábitat Valencia.  “Brand selection and our 'premium' focus is, in this regard, the response demanded by the market to a trade fair gathering together the best of all companies in the sector”, explains. Hábitat will take place from 1 to 5 February next it Feria Valencia, together with Cevisama and its new Kichen Corner, Fimma and Maderalia in the third edition of 'See you in Valencia', the largest global offer in interior design, architecture and decoration. Source: Feria Valencia Read more news related Feria Habitat Valencia published at Infurma Read more news related See You in Valencia published at Infurma Visit the Fairs & Events Calendar in Infurma
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