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Dream bubbles and new dimensions at this spring’s Formex Stockholm 2012

At Formex, 19-22 January 2012 in Sotckholm (Sweden), we’ll be getting in touch with our five senses. This spring’s trend theme “In the mood for a new season” underscores the importance of sensuality: our senses of touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste. Our home is our personal mood board where we collect, arrange and display objects that arouse memories and feelings. Sensuality, lightness, dreams and our own personal bubble are the season’s key concepts. “At times when turbulence is unleashed around the world, we find ourselves in search of stability and continuity in our private lives,” says Chicie Lindgren, project manager for Formex. “We appreciate our bonds with other people and social gatherings, but we also long for the opportunity to retreat into our shells – into our own private bubble, filled with all the things that make us who we are.” Alongside this private bubble, the dream of other dimensions simultaneously comes into being. There’s a growing fascination with spiritual and virtual realms. We lift our gaze towards the unknown, and our sixth and seventh senses come to life… In interior and exterior design, we’re seeing more of a feeling for the sensual and the tactile, as well as the dreamy and the poetic. Floating and gauzy materials, graceful shapes, three-dimensional effects, transparency and iridescent surfaces. The colour palette tends towards muted, slightly off-colour pastels, against a background of light, sandy beige and grey tones. Dark graphite grey provides the contrast, while iridescent mother-of-pearl gives the otherwise light, romantic range of colours a modern touch. For more information, visit
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