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Colourful, trendy and imaginative: these are the products for children at Tendence 2014

Whether it be for the children’s room, kindergarten or on the road, we increasingly encounter products for the younger generation in the modern retail shop. It is a trend that can also be seen in the companies themselves, which are relying more and more on product lines specifically designed for children. There is a whole range of trendy and practical products for children of every age that are suitable for everyday use and can brighten up their surroundings and take the strain off everyday routine: buyers will find them at the coming Tendence fair, which will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 30 August to 2 September. Products for the young and very young ones have long ceased to be simply of interest for the toy trade: children’s products are also ideal as additional assortments in gift or book shops, in lifestyle boutiques, in the furniture trade, or in businesses selling glass, porcelain and ceramic ware. What is more, the target group for every product that has to do with children is very broadly defined, because, when all is said and done, they address not only parents and relatives, but also every one of those who have a circle of friends with children in them and happen to be on the lookout for a pretty present suitable for children to take with them when visiting. Exactly what kind of presents these might be and the kind of accessories needed to transform the children’s room into an oasis of calm and well-being for both old and young alike is something that many of the Tendence exhibitors will be revealing at the end of August in Frankfurt am Main. Among them are the suppliers Taj Wood & Scherer from Munich, whose products will bring a blaze of colour and a touch of nostalgia to the children’s room. One particular eye catcher, is, for instance, the ‘Ahoy’ lampshade: the little ship with its chain of pennants, starfish and whale, lovingly hand worked from fabrics, can be seen sailing on the ceiling, giving little pirates a chance to dream of adventures on the high seas. That authentic maritime flair is also provided by the cushions bearing a whale motif with the name of ‘Blaabliblub’ from Taj Wood & Scherer. Whether they are used for cuddling or as a decoration accessory, either way, the cushions help to provide that feel-good factor. For the younger generation of painters, DIY enthusiasts or bon viveurs with sophisticated tastes, the Swiss manufacturer tät-tat has thought up something quite special: A children’s painting smock made of recycled umbrellas. Every apron is a unique item that is sewn together in sheltered workshops and can be washed quite normally in the washing machine after use. They are called Minina the Cat, Peter the Fox, Leschifant or simply Giraffe and they are not only just great for cuddling, but they are also splendid sources of warmth. The cushions from the Berlin Leschi Company retain heat for around 45 minutes. They can be warmed up in the microwave or conventional oven, after which they can almost find their way to the children’s cot on their own. Tummy aches and shivers are dispelled in a flash, and as we all know, it’s much easier to go to sleep if your feet are warm: a really good side effect for parents who may have already heard the sentence ‘But I’m not even tired’ tirelessly repeated. An ideal present for babies are the ‘Niki’ cuddly blankets by David Fussenegger. With its trendy star motif and in appealing colour combinations such as apple-green and turquoise, mustard yellow and white, the blanket serves as a base for when baby starts crawling, as a stroller blanket or simply for keeping warm, cuddling, or feeling good. ‘Niki’ grows as baby grows and even when the children have left their infant stage long behind them, it can still be used outside as a picnic rug or for a mid-day nap. For the very little ones, there is a version that comes equipped with a hood to keep their tiny heads warm. Anyone who can leave the house with a children’s backpack from Adelheid over their shoulders can consider themselves as truly lucky, because in addition to containing the breakfast box, the Glückspilz [literally ‘lucky devil’] backpack has enough space for all kinds of little treasures. For children aged between three and seven, it is the ideal companion for kindergarten, gymnasium or expeditions to the town, woods or fields. Along with compartments for drinking bottles etc. the Glückspilz backpack is supplied with adjustable padded belts and back support along with several zipper compartments and integrated name tag. Anyone who is out and about on their bicycle naturally needs a smart bell, and best of all one with a fantastic motif of trendy themes such as spaceships, outer space or robots from Liix. The company, which is based in Cologne, supplies bicycle accessories and is a great hit with customers on account of its particularly trendy, striking motifs and outstanding quality. Naturally that very first bicycle also needs a basket to go on the handlebars. The ‘Nika’ bicycle basket from Overbeck and Friends, for example, means that the young cyclist is free to explore the big wide world of pavements without risk. Decorated with lucky symbols such as horseshoes, mushrooms, piglets, clover leaves and hearts, the young cyclists and their baskets are perfectly protected. Dolly or bunny rabbit? Who’s going to go into the pretty wooden bed? With dolls’ furniture from Maileg it is bound to be a difficult decision for parents of dollies, bunnies or teddy bears. Whether it is a bed, high chair, or a table and two chairs, with dolls’ furniture in wood by Danish designer Dorthe Mailil, Scandinavian design is well on its way to becoming a feature of the children’s room. Tendence, the international consumer-goods event Tendence (30 August to 2 September 2014) is the one of Europe’s most important order platforms for consumer goods in the second half of the year. The extensive range of products is relevant for all channels of distribution: for the retail trade, Tendence is the decisive order platform for the busy Christmas and winter business while bulk buyers can obtain an initial overview of new products for the coming spring and summer season, 2015. As in the past, the Ecostyle and Webchance fairs will be held concurrently with Tendence 2014. 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