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CIFF-Office Show 2014. From 28th March to 1st April, even more space and an extra day for an exhibition that just keeps growing

CIFF-Office Show, one of the largest office furniture exhibitions in the world is also becoming the main platform for international business and trade, the expression of a continu-ously developing market that attracts an increasing number of buyers and professionals from all over the world. The Chinese furniture industry saw a turnover of over 340 billion RMB (about 40.5 billion Euros) in the first six months of 2013, an increase of 12.7% on an annual basis: exports, despite the crisis in international mar-kets, increased by 10.5%, while the domestic market increased by as much as 20.7% (source: China National Furniture Association). The development of the entire office furniture sector in China has been positively influenced by the continued growth of the real estate mar-ket: in the first 8 months of this year more than 700 million square meters of commercial real estate have been sold with an increase of 23.4% on an annual basis and a value of more than 4,500 billion RMB (about 535 billion Euros). In particular, investment in office buildings has grown by 42% (source: National Bureau of Statistics of China). The next edition of CIFF-Office Show, which will be attended by more than 900 exhibitors, will have a greater surface area (220,000 square me-ters), new dates (from 28th March to 1st April 2014) and will last 1 day more than usual to meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors who want more time to develop their business at the exhibition. Exhibitors participating in CIFF-Office Show 2014 will be presenting products of the highest quality: more and more Asian manufacturers of office furniture are investing in patenting products and technological solutions, obtaining environmental certification and working with leading international professionals, demonstrating growing attention to the design, quality and er-gonomics of their products. Merryfair, a Malaysian company that has been on the market for a long time, believes that the success of products that it now exports all over the world is due to continued investment in research and development. In this regard, it considers CIFF-Office Show the ideal platform and sees an incessant growth in the strategic importance of the exhibition at an international level. Victory stated that “the Chinese furniture industry has entered an era in which competition becomes a crucial lever for building new brands and mak-ing companies more competitive”. Within this scenario, it considers CIFF-Office Show to be the perfect setting: “you will find original, high quality products at the exhibition, something that will be seen increasingly more fre-quently and is essential for bringing Chinese design closer to internationalization”. B.One has always invested in research and design for its office chairs and strongly believes in working with professionals and international companies to achieve excellent results. As well as being the ideal place to do business, CIFF-Office Show is an essential meeting point for a synergic exchange of ideas with operators from all over the world. For Sunon, CIFF-Office Show is the only exhibition in Asia that attracts an increasing number of professional customers from all over the world. It is the ideal place in which to present new products and future visions of the work-place, and perfectly represents the positive trend shown by the Chinese office furniture industry, which is evolving from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. CIFF-Office Show’s role is to lead companies towards continuous evo-lution of the office concept, with an increasingly greater focus on quality and sustainability in the workplace. In 2013, Comfort increased its exports by 15%, a clear sign of the great visi-bility offered by CIFF-Office Show and the quality of its international visitors. It believes that the cultural activities offered during the exhibition are a real opportunity for growth and business: "The Global Office Furniture Outlook has provided an in-depth analysis of the current situation and future trends in the industry, through the testimony of specialist journalists who travelled to Guangzhou from all over the world. This conference has helped us a lot and we hope that the 2014 edition will also be full of information”. Onlead, which places great importance on the theme of eco-compatibility, has grown together with the CIFF-Office Show: it has participated in all edi-tions of the exhibition, enabling it to develop and offer new products, build its own brand, meet new customers and expand its market. Fuente: CIFF Office Show Read more news related CIFF published at Infurma Visit the CIFF-Office Show website
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