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CIFF-Office Show 2013, the office furniture exhibition at Guangzhou, expression of a market not to be ignored

CIFF-Office Show, by far the largest office and service industry furniture exhibition in the world, will open its doors once again on 27th March 2013. The last edition saw the presence of more than 800 companies, occupying an exhibition area of 200,000 m²; the event attracted 60,000 qualified visitors originating from all over the world, 19% more than the previous edition. Hot news for the 2013 show: the number of exhibitors will increase to over 900 and the exhibition surface area will expand to 210,000 m². An exhibition of outstanding importance, the expression of an increasingly more attractive local offering and a market that cannot be ignored on an international level: China, viewed more and more with extreme interest by all international operators within the industry. All this makes CIFF-Office Show an indispensable business platform for international buyers searching for competitive products, an essential factor in these historic times, offering a high level of quality and good design. More than 18,000 people visited the last edition, 14% more than in 2011, mostly decision makers (more than 51%) from large companies and mainly originating from Europe (more than 22%). China has been the top exporter of office furniture in the world since 2003, followed by Canada, Italy and Germany. The export value of office furniture reached a record amount of 2.7 billion dollars in 2011, 13% more than in 2010. China is currently the largest manufacturer of furnishings for the workplace in the world and produces 70% of Asia’s total production. The Chinese production grew by 18% in the period from 2003 to 2011 (data source: CSIL). CIFF-Office Show 2013 will continue in the quest undertaken 2 years ago to promote concepts of great interest such as ecology and wellbeing in the workplace, which has encouraged exhibitors to produce office furniture and furnishings made from natural materials found in the territory such as bamboo and rattan that have not been treated with coatings or other materials that may produce emissions or cause pollution. In response to the enormous development of the hotel industry in China, which has seen enormous investments from some of the most important hotel chains in the world, for the second year running CIFF-Office Show will dedicate a space of about 20,000 m² to companies operating within the hospitality industry that are now capable of supplying their products and services to some of the best hotels, even 4 and 5 star international hotels. In just a few short months (from January to September 2012) 85 new 5 star hotels were inaugurated in China, and the business is in continuous strong growth. Visiting CIFF-Office Show, you will also have the chance to discover Guangzhou, China’s third most important city, the capital of Guangdong, the most industrialised area of China and a strategic international business centre. A modern metropolis offering countless opportunities, so many that 170 of the Fortune 500 companies have already chosen to develop investments in the industrial and service industry sector there. An ultra modern airport connects the city with all of the major cities in the world, an efficient underground network makes it easy to get around the city despite its size and one of the most functional, modern and beautiful exhibition centres in the world, the China Import and Export Fair Complex, hosts events of worldwide importance. Buildings and infrastructure designed by some of the most important international starchitects blend into an urban context boasting 2,200 years of history, rich in culture and local traditions demanding to be explored. Source: CIFF – Office Show Visit the CIFF - Office Show website
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