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CEVISAMALab, umbrella which brings cultural activities of the contest, is underway

CEVISAMALab, umbrella which brings cultural activities of the contest is underway. In addition to the usual activities-spaces and Trans-Milestones, the Forum of Architecture and Design, EXCO Days, etc. -, Design Award and Bathroom Tile has added a new award: The award of Street Furniture Ceramic promoted and awarded by the City of Wave. Ceramic Design Awards and Bath: The laboratory of the latest trends in ceramic, bath, architecture and design, starring future-youth Cevisama- returns for another year to take center stage at the event. Engineering students, architecture, design and fine arts in their final years of experimentation provide capacity, its freshness and dynamism hundreds of jobs that are exposed on weekdays. Creative ideas are shared and transformed into high quality products and market competitiveness. The jury for the selection and award of prizes shall be appointed by Cevisama. The registration deadline for the submission of work ends next 12 December 2012. Bases are available in: Furniture Design Competition Urban Wave Ceramic Hall: Wave City Council wishes to encourage and promote the use of tile. For this, organizes and promotes Furniture Design Competition together with Urban Design Awards and Bathroom Tile will be exhibited during the celebration of Cevisama. The award is funded by the City of Wave. The contest has one category of furniture ceramic, deal with the possibility of classic material with formal or aesthetic innovation,innovative street furniture, with functional innovation of new ceramic applications, or a combination of both. The prototypes will be showcased during Cevisama and deposited in the Museum Taulell "Manolo Safont" Wave. Bases are available in: Also encompasses exhibits CevsiamaLab, tendencies, meetings and conferences, etc. CevisamaLab will cover, the following spaces: Trans-hitos, Alfa de Oro Awards, the Forum of Architecture and Design, EXCO technical conferences organized by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, various activities of the Institutes of Technology and the Meeting of underwriters Proalso. Source: Cevisama Read more news related Cevisama published at Infurma Visit the Cevisama website
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