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Batimat, Interclima+Elec and Ideobain close doors creating the world’s number 1 building and architecture exhibition

BATIMAT, INTERCLIMA+ELEC and IDEO BAIN joint celebration, from 4th to 8 November in Paris, has been a resounding success, creating the world’s number 1 building and architecture exhibition. Figures, 353,632 trade visitors over 5 days, 19% international, 2,526 exhibitors, 45% international. The 3-in-1 show was a success on every level:
  • A globally unique cross-sector event – unrivalled for its size and its comprehensive coverage of the building and architecture world
  • An event meeting the needs of professionals – both French and international visitors (the latter accounting for 19% of the total in 2013) were impressed
  • A centrally-located innovation showcase – driving progress across the sector
Joining forces – a challenge and a resounding success:  reflections from the organisers of the three shows: For Stéphanie Auxenfans, Director of the Construction Division at Reed Expositions: “The joint exhibition is in tune with the integral approach expected by manufacturers and professionals, directly addressing the changes taking place in the sector: collaborations involving all the building and construction professions, new societal challenges – energy efficiency, accessibility, comfort, and so on.” “We’ve created a landmark global building event by bringing INTERCLIMA+ELEC and IDEO BAIN alongside BATIMAT. Finally the various professions have gathered together in a single platform – which has conclusively proved its relevance with respect to the challenges of energy efficiency. Now everyone’s eagerly looking forward to 2015,” said Joseph Le Jollec, President of INTERCLIMA+ELEC “The 2013 session was a real success for IDEO BAIN. Joining forces with BATIMAT and INTERCLIMA+ELEC, the show more than achieved its objective of delivering a top-quality professional event,” reported Serge Lecat, President of IDEO BAIN. A vital week for the building sector – a sector with a key role to play in the energy transition, in a challenging economic environment In this context, the exhibitors and experts present across the three shows identified energy efficiency and thermal renovation as key priorities in any vision of the building of the future. The main answer to this challenge – and the spearhead of this 2013 session – is innovation. Patrick Liébus, President of CAPEB (confederation of building contractors and small businesses), adds “that businesses in our sector need to train and discover innovations in order to hold their own and grow in a time of crisis. Once again BATIMAT, INTERCLIMA+ELEC and IDEO BAIN have shown their power and effectiveness for our members and our trade association.” Appropriately, the 2013 Innovation Awards – a unique showcase for innovation – spanned all three exhibitions for the first time, underlining the importance of integrating all the building professions in a global approach centred on innovation. 3 shows: reflecting the dynamism of a key sector in the French economy Cécile Duflot, the French Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing, who opened the Innovation Awards presentation ceremony, emphasised “the importance of an industry that innovates and demonstrates its commitment to the challenges of energy efficiency for the building of the future. The companies that received Innovation Awards are the perfect example of this.” “BATIMAT offers an inspiring image of a sector mobilised to emerge from the crisis and focused on innovation – with a genuine ambition to make progress and return to growth,” said Sylvia Pinel, the French Minister of Crafts, Trade and Tourism, on her visit to the exhibition. “Building sector businesses are forging ahead, especially in the area of energy efficiency improvements. The 3-in-1 show enabled them to grow their knowledge and expertise with respect to the buildings of the future. Our federation members were fully and successfully involved,” stated Didier Ridoret, President of the FFB (French Building Federation). The move to a new venue – Paris-Nord-Villepinte, offering facilities on a par with the event’s new scope and ambitions – is welcomed by the sector The success of the 2013 session and the move of the three shows to a new, larger venue was welcomed by exhibitors, who appreciated the new setting, with its logical sector-by-sector layout across the different halls, ensuring an excellent flow of visitors through all areas. Further improvements with respect to logistical issues and access to the exhibition centre will follow on from experience gained at this first session. For the show’s visitors, Paris-Nord-Villepinte provided an improved experience – especially for the many international delegations – with a smoother flow of visitors among the stands. Effective coordination with the public authorities and with transport providers (SNCF-RATP, taxis, shuttle service, etc.) ensured that the largest flow of visitors ever seen at Paris-Nord-Villepinte was managed smoothly and efficiently. Text and images from Batimat Read more news related Batimat published at Infurma Visit the Fairs and Events Calendar at Infurma
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