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Around 46,000 trade buyers and retailers attend Tendence Frankfurt

The international Tendence consumer-goods fair closed its doors after attracting around 46,000 visitors. “Despite the euro crisis, many exhibitors noted an increase in orders. Against the background of a volatile business environment, the mood at Tendence was extremely good. The key buyers came to the fair”, said Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt GmbH. Thus, Tendence reflected current macro-economic developments, as shown by the ifo economic index for Germany published recently. In the euro area, this development is not only to be seen in countries such as Greece and Spain, which are characterised by weak domestic activity at present. While the number of manufacturers from these two countries coming to Frankfurt to find international buyers rose, the low level of domestic demand meant the number of buyers from there fell significantly. By contrast, there were significantly more visitors from East European states, such as the Russian Federation, the Ukraine and the Baltic States, as well as from the United Arab Emirates. Despite a decline in the number of Asian exhibitors, the exhibition space increased by 3.8 percent from 130,000* m² (gross) in 2011 to 135,000 this year. Altogether, 1,852 exhibitors from 66 countries presented their latest products and innovations (2011: 2,063 from 67 countries*). The level of visitor satisfaction remained unchanged at a high level. Tendence welcomed visitors from 91 countries (2011: 103 countries). The top five nations on the visitor side were Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria and France. For Stephan Koziol, Chairman of the Board of the European Lifestyle Association, Tendence is an important platform. “Tendence is still one of the most important fairs because it is the meeting place for the sector in the autumn and the place where opinions are exchanged. Moreover, it is a very important market place for holding discussions with national and international customers. The majority of exhibitors said they were satisfied with the course of business at the fair. “For us, Tendence is the most important order venue in the autumn and we need this platform”, explained Jürgen Reiter, CEO of KARE. Talking about the external conditions and the course of business at the fair, Leonardo CEO Oliver Kleine said, “The European crisis has undoubtedly left its mark on the trade. On the other hand, innovations always find a buyer. All in all, we are satisfied with the quality of the visitors, if not the number.” Discussing the significance of the international order platform, Thomas Grothkopp, Director of the German Association for Tableware, Housewares and Home Decor (Bundesverband für den Gedeckten Tisch, Hausrat und Wohnkultur e.V. - GPK), said, “Tendence has once again demonstrated its importance as a venue where the trade can place follow-up orders for the Christmas business and early orders for the following year. For the trade, the combination of Living and Giving is attractive not only for placing bulk orders but also for putting together the very individual assortments of smaller and specialist retailers. Overall, new and returning exhibitors were satisfied. For example, Jim Oudendijk, Sales Manager of blomus, said, “The brand environment here is very well arranged and we feel very much at home. In recent years, we have exhibited at three regional fairs. However, the number of orders taken at Tendence is as good as at these three together.” A similar conclusion was also drawn by long-standing exhibitor Renate Möller, proprietor of Scholtissek: “The visitor structure and sales are better than last year. The total order volume is also up. Generally speaking, however, the number of visitors was too low.” A positive echo was also generated by the customer-loyalty services offered by Messe Frankfurt with significantly more retailers signing up for the ‘Upgrade’ bonus programme. Attending Tendence was also profitable for the approx. 40 participants of the International Garden Centre Congress. Peter Botz, Director of the Association of German Garden Centres (Verband Deutscher Gartencenter) and organiser of this year’s International Garden Centre Congress, said, “The combination of a preliminary tour, including a visit to Tendence, and the International Garden Centre Congress, was very worthwhile for the participants. They had no idea what to expect and were pleasantly surprised by the good structure and quality of the fair. They certainly benefited from the event. Creative design in Hall 11.0 Hall 11.0 was distinguished by lots of creative design. Successful and established young talents presented their products and their path to success at ‘Talents 10+1’, a special exhibition to mark the eleventh anniversary of the Talents promotional programme. Today, designers such as Mark Braun, Sebastian Herkner, HC Wang Design and Tal Gur design products for renowned companies. Fresh ideas and innovative creations for tableware and furniture design were shown by the participants of the ‘Next’ and ‘Talents’ promotional programmes in Hall 11.0. Next participant Malte Grieb of Ambivalenz is satisfied: “My impression is extremely positive. I think the location is quite good and have the feeling that there is a lot going on here. Many people showed an active interest and I was pleasantly surprised by the willingness to place orders. Moreover, I have made a really large number of good business contacts. An exhibition of award-winning products from one of Germany’s best-known design competitions, ‘FORM – the best from crafts and industry’, was to be seen in Hall 11.0. Another extraordinary design exhibition at the fair was ‘Ageless Design - European Award for a Sustainable Present’. From 27 EU member countries, a jury of international experts under the auspices of the European Economic and Social Committee selected three products by design students and designers as symbols of re-innovation – design solutions that link the past and the present. Valuable tips for the retail trade Supplementary offers and events and special presentations on subjects of interest to the retail trade were very popular among visitors. Many of them were particularly enthusiastic about the ‘Window-dressing live. Create your X-MAS shop window’ presentation in Galleria 1. Three times a day, Karin Wahl, professional decorator in the field of visual merchandising and one of the experts nominated for the ‘Best Visual Merchandiser Europe Award 2012’, showed how to decorate shop windows correctly for Christmas. “I was surprised by how many smaller retailers came. They were highly concentrated, took notes and even made sketches. All in all, they seemed grateful for this platform. Some visitors even waited for up to half an hour to discuss their shop windows with me. This shows how important a presentation of this kind is for retailers”, said Karin Wahl. This opinion is also shared by Dr Joachim Stoll, Chairman of the Frankfurt Region of the Hesse Retail Association (Handelsverband Hessen): “Shop windows are the retail trade’s visiting card. The products on show should inform passers-by about the assortment and inspire them to make purchases. It is very important to provide an optimum window display for passers-by. There is no second chance to make a first impression. Events such as ‘Window-dressing live. Create your X-MAS shop window’ at Tendence 2012 help retailers present their assortments in a way likely to attract their target groups. Detlef Klatt, CEO of O Living Interior Design GmbH, is also pleased with the fair and the special presentations: “The overall economic climate is changeable and we are satisfied because we consider quality to be more important than quantity. Moreover, the echo from the special shows at Tendence has been good with the practical window-dressing tips proving particularly popular.” For Jutta Rothe, CEO of Raumgestalt, Tendence is the most important trade fair for the Christmas season: “International business was good and, all in all, we are very pleased with the orders taken. We have a good feeling and think that, although the economic crisis has reached us, it is rather mild in our segment. For me, Tendence is the most important order fair there is because it is the fair where professionals have to place their Christmas orders. And if, like ours, the emphasis of your business is on gifts, then Tendence is essential. There is no alternative.” This opinion is also shared by Jan Piet Bütehorn of Menu A/S. “Tendence is very important for our Christmas business. By and large, we are satisfied with the course of business at the fair. Top marks for the ‘Living & Concepts’ trade congress Just before the fair began, Messe Frankfurt held a one-and-a-half-day congress entitled ‘Living & Concepts. Strategies and solutions for success in the glass, porcelain, ceramic and furnishing trade’ in cooperation with the German Association for Tableware, Housewares and Home Decor (Bundesverband für den Gedeckten Tisch, Hausrat und Wohnkultur e.V. - GPK). The congress programme was given high marks by the participants with both the expert lectures and the best-practice examples being rated ‘good’ to ‘very good’. Particularly popular were the lectures by keynote speaker Dr David Bosshart on economic and social trends for the trade and Dr Hans-Georg Häusel on neuro-marketing. The overwhelming majority of participants (93 percent) said the subjects were suitable for “immediate implementation”. Therefore, the event was extremely relevant to their everyday business life. The organisation of the congress and the venue in the Portalhaus building of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre were also rated highly by participants. Trends at Tendence 2012: Individualism in the forefront – nature has a dominating role There are hardly any limits and nobody is arguing about taste. The old, the genuine and the imitation punctuate the cool charm of modern interiors, exclusivity sits alongside banality. "Mix & Match is very much on trend. Handmade vases are placed on cheap table mats with a self-confident disregard, the like of which we have never before seen," explains Ulvi I. Aydin, Managing Director of Drescher GmbH, by way of example. Scandinavian design sweeps like a current of fresh air through domestic paradises created with vintage romantic and cool retro. Apart from cushions, it is plants that provide the major decorative elements. Visually, the artificial ones can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. At the same time, nature, suitably preserved, dominates the market. Dehydration and the use of food colourings means that real plants remain fresh, even without light or green fingers. Colourful bouquets, luxuriant, sprawling pot plants, plant tableaux and hanging gardens are as much part of the home idyll as trainers are of the fashionable lifestyle. The cool of metal combines with the warmth of wood. Cashmere, felt and woven fur rub shoulders with glass and porcelain. High-quality papers with visible fibrous textures are used not only for packaging, but to make lampshades or to create a variety of decorative items. Hand-worked objects are increasingly popular; since no two products are identical, little deviations lend a certain uniqueness and individual charm to each piece. Study on furnishings and decoration proves it: the focus for young consumers is on individuality A qualitative study for Messe Frankfurt, conducted in the run up to Tendence, also throws up the importance of individuality in furnishings and decoration. Expressing one's individuality and reflecting one's personality – for 20 to 30 year-olds, these are the central things that they associate with the idea of furnishings and decoration. The aim of the investigation was to find out how important design and decoration are for this particular group of consumers. In order to be able to draw comparisons, people in the 50 to 60 age group were also polled. One thing they all had in common was that the retail trade was the number one source of purchases for both groups. The results of this study are detailed in the management report: “It’s individuality that counts – A study on furnishing and decorating in Germany”. The management report can be obtained from Functional and sensible Things, other than wall decorations, that are simply beautiful to look at and otherwise just collect dust, have a hard time of it. Everything that stands around within reach should have a use – even if only as a playful distraction. Flavour of the month are clever little innovations and functional improvements. "Customers are looking less for a present that is just something to give, than for an object with a functional purpose," says Frank Kaltenbach, CEO at development and marketing experts 'AdHoc Entwicklung und Vertrieb'. Lovers of good food have long known that dried spices develop their aroma better when they are finely chopped rather than ground. So a spice grinder with a cutting rather than a grinding action makes the work easier for them. Patented pouring spouts end the frustration of dripping coffee and tea pots or bottles. Close-fitting inserts, lids, things that push in and pull out as well as easy-closing mechanisms all make for ease of use. A black-white ambience decorated with colours of all sorts and kinds The basic mood in interiors remains classical, cool and restrained. Black and white, as well as grey and silver set the tone of the room. Earthy shades bring warmth, colours of every available sort and kind provide lift. The latter are blithely used, according to personal taste, to create accents – and they can be as striking and colourful as you like. There is perhaps a slight overall preference, nevertheless, for warm, darkish reds, closely followed by fresh greens. "Our new ruby tint has been well received by the market. Warm reds are generally popular, as is eye-catching tangerine," says Pia von Melick, press spokesperson at Daff. The next Tendence will be held from 23 to 27 August 2013. Source: Tendence Read more news related Tendence published at Infurma Visit the Tendence website
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