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95% of the exhibition space is already booked for the 53rd Edition of Yecla Furniture Fair

Yecla Furniture Fair, that will celebrate the 53rd edition, has already booked 95% of the exhibition space. As planned, during the last couple of weeks the companies that confirmed their interest in the event has increased 25% and 95 different companies have sent their applications to the institution.

Two months and a half before opening doors, the Fair is almost full and this is, without a doubt, an evidence of good health of the event” sais the chairman of the Fair and Mayor of Yecla, Marcos Ortuño. The most of the exhibitors that will take part this year in the Yecla Furniture Fair come from the Region of Murcia, although companies from other regions will be attending the event as well, such as Valencia, Barcelona, Ciudad Real or Seville. Furthermore, the effort done by Murcia's Regional Development Agency to encourage promotion actions in foreign markets will make possible the participation of almost twenty delegations in the Furniture Sector International Meetings, that will take place 24th, 25th and 26th of September during the Fair framework. This action, which is included in the Foreign Promotion Plan 2014-2020 of the Region of Murcia, has as a main objective to show the great potential of the furniture companies from the Region to the guests coming from different countries. For the next edition, the Fair can confirm the presence of representatives coming from Mexico, Peru, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Morocco, France, Central Europe, Hungary, United Kingdom, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar or Argentina, among others. Among the activities to be taken during these days, it is noteworthy the business meetings planed for 24th and 25th of September between the companies from the Region of Murcia and professionals who are invited, visits to production centres of companies from the Region registered in this action that allow to continue with the negotiations started during the round of interviews, and information days about some of the invited countries and matters related with the internalisation of the companies. Mr Ortuño considers that “the efforts done by the Murcia's Regional Development Agency keep the internalisation as the main commitment for the Yecla Furniture Fair, an aspect with satisfactory results”.

Easier access with QR codes Following the success in the previous edition, Yecla Furniture Fair has decided to keep the guest access that was enabled last year for the first time in an event of this kind. The Fair has provided to professionals an Internet address where they can register and get their invitation. In this way, the information requested has to be entered and the system automatically generates a personal two-dimensional QR code that will allow the access to the Fair. Thereafter, this code has to be printed or showed in a mobile device. This system speeds up the access procedure and allows the Fair to know in advance the visitors (place of origin, company, contact details, etc). In addition, exhibitors will save the postal expenditures that they had sending physical invitations to their clients. Source: Yecla Furniture Fair Read more news related Yecla Furniture Fair published at Infurma Visit the Yecla Furniture Fair website
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