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17.500 visitors at Sicam 2011 in Pordenone

SICAM, International Exhibiton of Components, Semifinished Products and Accesories for the Furniture Industry, hold in Pordenone (Italy), closed its doors on 22nd October, with 17.500 visitors. Again a really significative affirmation for the business event of Pordenone, not only productive but also extremely welcoming for both exhibitors and visitors. “We are extremely satisfied about the results achieved in these four days of exhibition. 17.500 visitors have been welcomed at SICAM, International Exhibition of Components, Semifinished Products and Accessories for the Furniture Industry, 27% of them from foreign countries”. This the first comment of Carlo Giobbi, organisator of the show, few minutes after the closing of the third edition. Stable data compared to the 18.000 visitors of 2010, which is a surprising outcome in a difficult moment for the economic system and the furniture sector. Next appointment for the fourth SICAM is in Pordenone from 17th to 20th october 2012.  
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