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“Innovations, Solutions, Efficiency” at LIGNA HANNOVER 2013

“Making more out of wood: Innovations, Solutions, Efficiency” is the official motto of next year’s LIGNA fair, which runs from 6 to 10 May 2013 in Hannover, Germany. The world’s premier trade fair for the forestry and wood industries has a unique format in that it covers the entire wood value chain, from forestry and forest technology, right through to wood processing, woodworking and wood bioenergy. LIGNA is also a uniquely international fair, attracting market leaders from around the globe. – information hub for young talent and career development Demographic change and the associated shortage of skilled labor pose a major challenge for companies from the forestry and wood industries. “That’s why we have created, a new special presentation featuring a full program of events covering all aspects of careers for young talent and seasoned professionals in the wood and forestry industries. On each day of the fair, will host captivating lectures, panel discussions and workshops, not to mention training sessions for job applicants. The platform will also serve as a central hub for information on qualification and career development opportunities and options in the wood and forestry industries,” explained Alexander Wurst, Senior Vice President for International Exhibitions at Deutsche Messe. For more information and to take part in the run-up to next year’s career showcase, visit Focus on lightweight construction, windows and bioenergy from wood With its strong focus on lightweight construction, windows and bioenergy from wood, next year’s LIGNA fair will deliver on its reputation as a launch pad for innovation and defining industry trends. Hall 17 will be home to a combined special presentation area and speaking forum dedicated to the latest developments in lightweight construction technology. The event follows on the heels of “Lightweight Construction in the Furniture Industry and Interior Design,” which premiered so successfully in 2011. The organizers are planning to set up a production line to demonstrate lightweight furniture production live in action. Visitors will be invited to inspect the lightweight creations as they come off the end of the production line. “Handwerk, Holz & mehr” is LIGNA’s dedicated showcase of machinery, equipment, services, materials and solutions for joiners, cabinetmakers, carpenters and the timber-based construction sector. And in 2013, windows will be at center stage. Exhibits by leading window manufacturers will span a range of themes, including energy efficiency, special-purpose windows and transport, assembly, dismantling, modernization and safety solutions. There is also a lot happening on the bioenergy front. The current strong demand for bioenergy plants in the wood industry is yielding a wealth of innovative solutions that will be on show at LIGNA 2013. A key part of this “greening” of production involves the integration of bioenergy plants into the overall production chain. For instance, more and more firms in the wood-based materials industry are generating process energy from their wood waste. In 2013, one of the new showcases in this theme area will be a group pavilion themed “Energy meets Wood.” In addition to wood bioenergy, the pavilion will focus on solid wood working, research, and conveyor, measurement and control technology. Integration of skilled trades and furniture industry displays LIGNA 2013 will feature an optimized site layout which brings displays for skilled tradespeople in much closer proximity to those targeted at the furniture industry. The sections of the furniture industry showcase that used to be in halls 22 to 24 are relocating to the larger halls 16 and 17, while “Handwerk, Holz & mehr“ is moving from there to halls 11, 14 and 17. The carpentry and timber-based construction exhibitors in Hall 15 will thus be located right next door to their counterparts from the furniture industry. “The ‘Handwerk, Holz & mehr’ show for the skilled trades will be less spread-out and hence easier to navigate. The improved layout also reflects exhibitor and visitor demand for greater integration between the furniture industry and woodworking trades areas of the fair,” explained Wurst. Under the new layout, access to these two display areas will continue to be via the North entrance. The closer grouping of the furniture industry halls will make the fair as a whole more compact and easy to navi ate, while at the same time promoting mutually fruitful visitor crossover traffic and dialogue across related disciplines. Another key change is that the Industrial Surface Finishing exhibits in Halls 16 and 17 will have their own separate signage and thus be more readily identifiable for visitors. This development reflects the growing importance of surface finishing in the wood industry. Early-bird discount available until 31 May 2012 A good number of exhibitors have already registered for LIGNA 2013, which is hardly surprising given that as many as 80 percent of those that participated in LIGNA 2011 indicated they would be back in 2013. Many of these exhibitors are benefiting from the early-bird discount valid for registrations received by 31 May 2012. LIGNA 2011 featured 1,723 exhibitors, including 867 exhibitors from 48 different countries, and occupied 130,000 square meters (1,399,000 sq. ft) of net display space. It attracted 88,000 visitors, more than one third of whom came from outside Germany, with the total turnout spanning more than 90 nations. LIGNA 2013 will pick up on this momentum, offering a valuable platform for relationship management and new business and providing a truly international showcase for industrial technologies and solutions. LIGNA 2013, which runs from 6 to 10 May next year, is the place to be for everyone interested in the very latest innovations and emerging trends in the wood and forestry industries. Visit the Ligna website
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