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Sinetica with Planet Design Project, and occasion for eco-sustainable projects

Sinetica is one of the companies selected to participate in the Planet Design project. The project, promoted by a pool of Portugese, Italian and Spanish institutes aims at studying the trends in eco design from a normative and scenario point of view. Connected to the research, an analysis instrument for the companies to understand the propensity for the implementation of eco design in practise has been developed. . Base on the checks by the producers, the development of an eco design concept has been tested: two teams of students from all over the world have been created for each company who, under the guidance of expert teachers, have developed product concepts. In Italy the project has been managed by the Domus Accademy; the students have developed the projects imagining that they have : Kaan Sengul, Su Li, Songvuth Manachaiyarak, Giacomo Baron, Chichung Hsu, Arush Baluba, Michio Narumniiya as Sintetica clients; Emmanuel Gallina is their tutor. Many of the ingredients for success of this project: the determination of the students to give their best, aware that they have an important opportunity, the willingness of Sintetica to transmit its know how, the joy of teaching of Emmanuel Gallina. Professor in France and at the Milan Polytechnic, for him transmitting knowledge is a source of satisfaction. The project Canvas The accessories collection by Canvas is strongly characterised by the material used: recomposed cork. This material, which is the result of recycled corks, is normally used as an insulator in architecture. A natural material which is pleasant to touch with a domestic flavour. In the proposed projects there are many cultural competences which result in simple objects, thought out to improve everyday life for those that work. The screen dividers, which asides from working as boards for note applications or photos, can also be cabled to have electric sockets directly at the work station or, alternatively, equipped with a shaped hole ideal for the passing of documents from one station to another. The electrified bobin tray to recharge the 'nomadic' objects which we always have with usi: mobiles, mp3 readers etc. The waste paper container which, complete with an object holder tray, turns into a small table for desks which are always full of things. And the stackable modules to contain and reorder the paper documents. The Workcamp project This collection of objects is born from a study to understand how the perception of stress mutates during the day. The afternoon is the part of the day which is the most difficult to face. It is in the hours directly following the lunch break that people want to go out and reestablish contact with nature. They feel the need to get away into pure and fresh air. In an attempt to recreate an outdoor environment inside an office accessories specifically thought out for this have been produced by the second group of students. The clothes hanger, inspired by a tree, seems to flower when the office is occupied and is stripped like leaves fall in winter when the office is empty. The separator, inspired by the hide and seek children play in the open, like a bush in felt separates the different stations. The waste bin in modular felt to hang near the desk. the felt flowers to hide and make the table lamps and the document collectors more joyful: a bag in felt which can be hooked to the edges of the desk in which documents can be collected and transported or, alternatively, collect objects such as mobiles and iPads to recharge. Further information about Planet Design project Sinetica website
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