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Casa Forma project wins SBID International Design Award 2013. Luxury marble by Lithos Design shines on it

The luxury design firm Casa Forma based in London won the SBID International Design Award 2013, in the Residential / KBB Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom category, with a project realized inside the Pan Peninsula Residences in Canary Wharf, London. The project features the Luxury collection by Lithos Design. The awarded project is a powder room within a residential unit, showing an elegant and luxurious mood and characterized by the prominent presence of the Luxury 2 marble cladding by Lithos Design, which covers the walls and defines the basin stand. The chromatic combination is quite impressive: the Pierre Bleue marble, with its typical dark blue-grey colour, creates a strong contrast with the golden pattern and  accessories. The result is a restroom that seems to shine in its own light, becoming an icon of studied refinement. Luxury 2 texture by Lithos Design. The Luxury collection is composed of four models realized in Pierre Bleue, an elegant marble of Belgian origin characterized by its blue-grey tones. Three of these models – among which Luxury 2, featuring in this project – show  patterns decorated in gold leaf, while one is decorated in silver leaf. Source: ERGO
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