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Tripod, the sensual table lamp designed by Gijs Bakker in 1978 and now produced by Lyngby Porcelean

The Tripod is a sensual table lamp by Gijs Bakker in 1978 now produced by Lyngby Porcelean made of one piece of moth-blown glass. Three intriguing structures support the light bulb in the centre of the lamp. Gijs Bakker is a multi-disciplinary Dutch designer, lecturer and one of the original founders of Droog design. Through a philosophy of ‘conceptual design in context’, his studio in Amsterdam follows a holistic design approach in which heart, mind and substance come together. Throughout the years both Gijs and his studio have conceived numerous design icons, and Bakker’s work is represented in both museums and private collections worldwide. As a teacher and lecturer he urges students, artists and designers to nd their own language as designers. Something he himself has managed to do. All Tripods are moth-blown and uniquely. Source: Lyngby Porcelean Visit the Lyngby Porcelean website
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