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TRI-R Technology makes possible the redesign Lucelino LED lamp by Ingo Maurer

At first glance, Lucellino LED seems to be nothing else but Ingo Maurers wellknown trade mark Lucellino, presented in 1992. In redesigning Lucellino as LED version, it was our goal to change as little as possible, except the light source. Not an easy job when the lamp’s main elements are a frosted bulb and a pair of white wings!

The new light source has been created by the Japanese company Toshiba Materials, which developed highly sophisticated LED technology for Ingo Maurer’s iconic design in direct cooperation with Ingo Maurer personally. TRI-R, as the product is named, does not only look like a frosted bulb from the outside, but also dims like an incandescent bulb. Average dimmable LED retrofit bulbs become less bright when dimmed, while the TRI-R bulb also changes the colour, just like halogen bulbs do. The bright spot of the bulb becomes reddish. Also, it is actually in the middle of the bulb, not next to the socket. When defining the colour rendering Toshiba Materials used the soloar spectrum as a reference standard. The new LED bulb for Lucellino is the first full-fledged replacement for all admirers of the light bulb, hardly distinguishable from a halogen bulb, and a technological masterpiece.

The base plate of the new Lucellino is equipped with a touch sensor for switching and continuous dimming Height approx. 45 cm, width approx. 35 cm. Source: Ingo Maurer Visit the Ingo Maurer website
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