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Tom Dixon presents its new collections at the Milan Design Week 2013

This year Tom Dixon take visitors through two contrasting environments – Rough and Smooth, at MOST (Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia) in Milan. Celebrating the joy of contrast, this year we are highlighting the opposite qualities of our new products. Rough because this season we have worked on even more textural honesty and material weight in our production. And smooth because we are still fascinated by extreme polished surfaces, sharp lines and modern manufacturing.


Follow a rollercoaster journey through the rough and tumble of our warehouse where fresh stock is unloaded and unpacked fresh from the manufacturing process and on through tearooms and shop windows into our spanking new show space which we furnish with our latest lighting and furniture, ranging from the textured sand-cast nickel-plated aluminium to the ultra-polished chromed pressed steel.


New Products Include: GEM comprises of a family of angular lights, tables and mirrors, sand cast from nickel-plated aluminium, taking inspiration from the facets of cut gemstones. BELL is an exercise in reductionism – a dome suspended over a dome formed of chrome plated pressed steel with an ultra-polished, reflective surface. Like a mysterious chemistry experiment FLASK is a spherical object made up of two, hand- blown, glass components; a ridged and rounded base and a smoked-glass hood.


CELL is a light that mimics cellular growth and can be used in multiple geometric configurations. Made from layers of minutely etched, polished brass, Pendant Short and Wall Light use a Crown Brass LED lamp developed exclusively by Tom Dixon with Megaman.


SPUN is ultra-expressive, occasional furniture. Generously proportioned curves of solid brass sheets are hand spun, welded and polished to a mirror finish to bring instant disco glamour. Huge chunks of heavyweight, metallic minimalism, MASS Coat Stand, Book Stand, Dining Table and Console Table are confident, over-scaled pieces of furniture with real presence and instantly recognisable expressive minimalism.



  FAN dining chair, stool and table create exclamation marks in the home. Formed from machined wood spindles, the family extends from our much loved Fan Chair. ETCH LIGHT WEB STAINLESS STEEL is a vast shade with an open structure formed in mirror polished stainless steel and BASE light is now available with a highly-polished copper shade. 9 – 14 April 2013 Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Via Olona, 6B - 20123 Milano Source: Tom Dixon Read more news related Tom Dixon published at Infurma Visit the Tom Dixon website
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