Titia lamp by Arihiro Miyake for NEMO. A suspended swirl of light

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"I had in mind a lamp that would bring together the spirit of Christmas garlands and wooden merry-go-rounds," summarises Arihiro Miyake. "It’s an old idea that I can at last bring to fruition thanks to the development of LED technology. A cluster of points of light are enclosed within a form that is as light as possible.
Titia’s aim is to light a table in a diffuse and homogenous manner. One of its small technical specifications developed by NEMO for 2017. Titia is a delicate wire silhouette that exists in two sizes and is available in black or white. 
Why Titia? "When I close my eyes and think of Titia, I see a young girl who is happy, free and laughing whose nickname is Titia," smiles the Japanese designer who lives between Helsinki and Milan. 
Source: Nemo 
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