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The new, charismatic luminaires lei and lui are added to the Occhio 3d family making it an innovative and versatile system

Technology + emotion: The new, charismatic luminaire series lei and lui have been added to the Occhio 3d family making it an innovative, extremely versatile lighting system.

lei – the first shade luminaire with adjustable radiance lei (ital. »she«), the first shade luminaire by Occhio, presents itself in elegant lightness. Its sophisticated lighting technology is captivating: The first luminaire of its kind on the market, lei is equipped with an iris that produces adjustable lighting moods. When the iris is open, the glare-free light is directed, for reading or defined illumination, for instance. If the iris is closed, the translucent shade shines from inside and produces a remarkably atmospheric mood lighting. »next generation« LED provides outstanding quality of light with the highest energy efficiency.

lui – design and lighting technology in a radical shape 3d kinematics, interchangeable optics and a zoom – lui (ital. »he«) combines expressive design and lighting technology in a purist technical shape. What makes the new spotlight system by Occhio special are the interchangeable optics like those found in photo technology: The zoom lens the beams of light to be variably widened from 20° to 60°. The collimator uses various optical filters to create precisely defined lighting effects. There is a slide control on the back of the cylinder for adjusting brightness. With »next generation« LED, the spotlight offers outstanding quality of light with the highest energy efficiency, making it an innovative enhancement for both commercial and private applications.

io, lei, lui: Each of these luminaire series is a highlight in itself; together they form a unique system.  The 3d lamp family is based on three geometrical shapes: sphere, cone and cylinder. What all luminaires have in common is their fascinating three-dimensional movability that allows for a free direction of the light in the room. State-of-the-art LED technology guarantees absolute light quality, the system modularity ensures unique application versatility. The user becomes the light designer of his living space. The two new luminaire series have been presented to an enthusiastic audience at the Occhio flagship stores in Cologne and Munich. More than 500 guests celebrated these new products which were awarded the Best of Best of the Interior Innovation Award 2015.

lei is available now in stores. lui is available beginning Spring 2015. Source: Occhio Read more news related Occhio published at Infurma Visit the Occhio website
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