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The Caravaggio Series, designed by Cecilie Manz for Lightyears, complemented with Caravaggio Wall

It will soon be eight years since Danish company Lightyears started its collaboration with Cecilie Manz and launched the popular Caravaggio pendant. This collaboration has since resulted in many beautiful lamps, and Lightyears is now ready to complement the Caravaggio series with a wall model, Caravaggio Wall. With her usual meticulousness and flair for function and aesthetics, Cecilie Manz has created a precise wall lamp based on the familiar Caravaggio shape.

Caravaggio pendant

The classic shade is installed on a flex-tube, which makes it possible to tilt the shade and thereby direct the light. The wall bracket means the lamp can be rotated 180 degrees, which makes the lamp very flexible. Caravaggio Wall is supplied with two fittings; one fitting is for direct installation on a power outlet and a slimmer version for installation with visible wiring. The switch is positioned discreetly at the bottom of the wall bracket to ensure easy access. Caravaggio Wall it suitable for a vast array of lighting tasks, e.g. in the living room, the reading corner, the corridor, or as bedroom lighting. Caravaggio Wall gives a direct, soft, and targeted light, while elegantly shielding the light source. Available in black and white respectively. Available in stores from April 2013. Source: Lightyears Read more news related Lightyears published in Infurma Read more news related Cecilie Manz published in Infurma Visit the Lightyears website Visit the Cecilie Manz website
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