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Tati suspension lamp by Arturo Alvarez. Beauty in composition

Arturo Alvarez continues to surprise us with this composition made ​​with Tati lamp collection. An image that shows beauty, harmony and tranquility. A sky of clouds that are the perfect picture for any contract atmosphere, signed by the Spanish company of handcrafted lighting design. A round shape with a texture woven into circles that repeat themselves to make up a skin, a shell. We turn our gaze at the simmetry of recreated nature. This pendant composition keeps on deepening in the circular forms, as a group in the space. It has strong emotional components, it reminds of a maternal embrace. Source: Arturo Alvarez Read more news related Arturo Alvarez published at Infurma Visit the Arturo Alvarez website Visit the Arturo Alvarez sheet at Infurma
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