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Subtle and elegant pendant lamp Luisa by Arturo Alvarez, made with the translucent material Simetech®

Luisa pendant lamp collection by Arturo Alvarez is formed by a series of overlapped layers produces a brightness that softly leaks and filters through them, creating a magical and enveloping atmosphere.

Its material, SIMETECH®, awarded with a Best of the Year Award in the category of "Innovative Translucent Shading / Lighting Solution", and developed and registered by the firm, is crafted in a smooth way, providing a subtle and elegant texture. DESIGNER: Arturo Álvarez MATERIAL: Luisa collection is made of SIMETECH®, the innovate material created by Arturo Álvarez. REFERENCES: LS04, LS04G LIGHT SOURCE: LED, E-27, E-26 COLORS: white, grey, beige, orange or yellow

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