SUB, the sound absorber lighting from Finland designed by KO-HO for Saas

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Big size ceiling or wall fixture with a subtle indirect light, SUB, designed by Timo Hoisko and Matti Korpela for Finnish company Saas, is a sound absorber combined with a soft light, creating lighting and sound atmosphere as well. 
Square shaped, powered by LED, SUB contains the light source inside his body made of recycled polymer felt , but in the new version is available  also in woolen fabrics of SAAS catalogue. 
Thanks to his essential design, it can be placed in many spaces, from domestic to offices, restaurants and commercial environments. A combination of several SUB lights on the wall can form an architectural element in space. 
Size: cm 90 x cm 90 
Material: Recycled polymer felt/ Woolen fabric 
Colours: Dark grey, Light Grey, White 
Bulbs: LED 40W, 4000K 
Power Supply: 230 V
Source: Saas 
Visit the Saas website
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