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Spanish company LZF Lamps, enters into Circulo Fortuny, the elite of european brands

Lzf Lamps is now part of the exclusive group of companies know as the Círculo Fortuny. Becoming part of this association is an important recognition for the Valencian lighting company, as  the members of the Círculo Fortuny are considered to be European ambassadors of avant-garde and the excellence in both products and services. Forming part of this group will also allow LZF to have access to an international network of companies with the similar goals and hopes. The Círculo Fortuny’s purpose is to give Spanish companies the opportunity to expand in the global market along side other important European brands. The admission of LZF to this group has come after passing strict quality control of their products, style, aspect, design and innovation, as well as excellence in their production process, their creativity, their corporate identity, their international outlook and their selective distribution has been taken into account. In addition, Círculo Fortuny is a member of the European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA) which will allow LZF to participate in the exchange of ideas, learning activities and business opportunities that can take place between the other members of this association. Círculo Fortuny is lead by Carlos Falcó, Marqués de Griñón and also counts with Enrique Loewe as Honorary President. Some of the firms that belong to this exclusive organisation are: Carrera y Carrera, Lladró, Espasa Editorial, Osborne and ShaWellnessClinic. The decorative lighting company is preparing its next event at Euroluce, Milan, from 9-14 April, where they will be launching the new collection "High Fidelity". Source: Lzf Lamps Read more news related Lzf Lamps published at Infurma Visit the Lzf Lamps website Visit the Lzf Lamps sheet at Infurma
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