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Silvia Ceñal, a designer with Nordic airs and warm soul, in the nude Show

Under Feria Habitat Valencia, which is being held these days, the Nude Hall showcases the work of a selection of promising young designers. Among them is Silvia Ceñal, the designer who creates objects of simple lines and full of details. Here she presents her latest works. Cowbell lamp for Massmi (2016) This lamp is inspired by a cowbell. Removing the main characteristics from him. we get a simple lighting full of details which fits perfectly in places where a spot light is required. Made of matt ceramic and a felt strip. Dimensions: Ø30x25cm Manufacturer: Massmi Forêt table (2016) Les Landes (France) forests are mainly compound of pines. When these trees are still small, their lowest branches are cut, so that when they grow and become adults they become great high pines with the top full of branches. These strong and firm branches grown perpendicularly to the tree's log. And this is the concept on which is inspired the Forêt table. The detail which makes the difference in this piece is the joint between rounded strips and table's leg. Creating an original and unique joining point. Material: Oak wood Dimensions: 132x80x75cm Oma family (2016) Oma is a family compound of a bench and a stool. This is a type of seat that it is characterized by its handle, which helps to sit down easily. Perfect for the house hall or as a seat in a large table. Besides, Oma is distinguished for its minimalist style, discretion and originality. Materials: Oak wood and upholstered with Main Line Flax from Camira Fabrics Dimensions: Bench: 112x30x45cm Stool: 41x35x45cm Raf lamp (2016) As if it was a piece of clothing with lapels, this colorful lamp of sinuous lines, is inspired by the famous coat design made by Raf Simons Made of ceramic, with matt finished in color areas and shinny finished for the slapes. This piece, apart from lighting, tries to be a decorative element in any room. Whether they are on group or by themselves. Dimensions: Ø14x35cm About Silvia Ceñal Silvia Ceñal was born in San Sebastián in 1985. After studying a Technical Ingeneering in the University of Basque Country, she extended her knowledge in Groningen (Netherlands) and Florence (Italy). After a short period working in different studios, she increased her know-how in furniture design at IED in Madrid. In 2010 she continued her career at Stone Designs Studio, working with Cutu Mazuelos and Eva Prego. After four rewarding years at Stone Designs, she has learnt that design goes way further than the mere construction of furniture. Every experience in the diverse projects in which she has participated has helped her consider different perspectives when creating a design. These projects go from the interior design of offices, restaurants and stores to furniture and lighting. With the aim of growing professionally in the design world, she has started her own journey. The first step was creating her first line of products, based on the knowledge acquired during her short professional career. These new creations are inspired in the wood's warmth and simplicity and the color's joy. Her eagerness and aim to go a long way in the world of design make her work every day with the same motivation than the first one. Nowadays she works with companies of furniture and lighting sector such as the Portuguese company Two Six, the Lithuanian Emko and the Spanish companies Muebles Lufe and Massmi. Source: Silvia Ceñal Read more news related Silvia Ceñal published at Infurma Visit the Silvia Ceñal website
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