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Settenani + Biancaluce, concrete lamps for indoor and outdoor use designed by Matteo Ugolini for Karman

Matteo Ugolini designed the ironic new Karman concrete ceiling lamps collection, Settenani (Seven Dwarf) and Biancaluce, which you can easily place them in the garden, just like small decorative gnomes. Each with its own different shape and character, as everyone of the Seven Dwarf of Whitesnow  fairy tale. Rather small sized and made of raw concrete, matt  and highly tactile, some of them have a printed surface recalling fabric pattern, showing the main care of Karman for the love of details. To habit the little house in the wood  also Biancaluce (whitelight) to complete the family, a suspension with a double soul: concrete made in the upper side and light wired grey cage below, just like the big skirt  of the innocent heroine of the famous Brothers Grimm’ tale.







All the lamps are suspensions, both for indoor than outdoor use (but Cucciolo and Dotto, floor and table lamp just for indoor)



Information & images by courtesy of Karman Visit the Karman website
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