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Serralunga Christmas Gift Tree 2015

Design Italian company Serralunga shows us its particular Christmas tree filled with unique and original pieces. On it, you’ll find Doggy, a kind of faithful friend,  at the same time  a designer object, a garden ornament, a toy, or even a stool thanks to its solid structure. Designed by Eero Aarnio. You’ll find Honey, functional rechargeable and portable LED lantern that can be carried wherever needs be, not to mention being perfect for spaces without electric sockets. For a Christmas outdoor or to create charming scenarios at home. Designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti. And also Pulcino, that thanks to its internal lighting it is not just an ornament or an informal seating arrangement, it is a well-designed light source. Designed by Eero Aarnio. Source: Serralunga Read more news related Serralunga published at Infurma Visit the Serralunga website
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