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SeriesNemo designs the lamp Swell for El Torrent, stylish organic forms

El Torrent presents Swell, this original piece comes from the hand of SeriesNemo study design. Its organic forms lamp with a formal continuity that connects Swell materials and make an object with soul. Handmade creations like the rest of the lamps of the firm, Swell converge in crafts and technology perfection. Thus, the lamp combines a delicate wooden body naturally has a practical display of translucent white polypropylene, which projects a powerful beam of light from an LED 18 W of power, bathing warm all types of environments and providing unique experiences and very nice. Also, its 45 cm in diameter and 55 cm height makes it ideal for creating varied and attractive compositions in large venues proposal. It fills this evocative style model all kinds of environments and holds a very personal result, while adding a touch of color to the rooms with their red textile cable. Swell, is an indispensable fixture in contemporary spaces. Source: El Torrent Read more news related El Torrent published at Infurma Visit the El Torrent website
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