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Seen in iSaloni 2015: Nendo designs Kurage for Foscarini, a table lamp inspired by the jellyfish

The new table lamp designed by Nichetto y Nendo for Foscarini is named Kurage after the Japanese word indicating the jellyfish which the lamp resembles, with its slim elongated legs and ethereal and light body.

Kurage is distinguished by a poetic and elegant, soft and sophisticated lighting effect and it is the result of the pursuit of light weight in light, which is at the core of every element in the design. The base comprises four slim ash-wood legs with a natural finish which, owing to their their slender frame, emphasise the delicate appearance of the lamp even further. The diffuser is made of washi paper, the fine hand-made Japanese paper that stands out for its warmth and simplicity. Washi paper is achieved by processing the bark of the mulberry tree through a complex process that is deeply rooted in tradition. The result is a light material, with a smooth surface at one end and delicately rugged at the other. Ultra light-weight, the diffuser rests on the base without the use of a mount, in order to prevent any possible shadows from altering the pureness of the light. This makes for a strikingly simple natural product, which expresses a craft-based spirit, underscored also by the light source support, which is made of ceramic. The light cast is warm and suffused thanks to the transparency lent by the material, which is smooth yet irregular and concurrently porous, guaranteeing a unique effect and a sophisticated and extraordinary look. The simplicity of the silhouette and the choice of details give definition to the personality of Kurage, an "intellectual" lamp which one may fall in love with by affinity.

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