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Plank, the wooden lamp with LEDs designed by Frida Ottemo Fröberg and Marie-Louise Gustafsson for Northern Lighting

The Norwegian company Northern Lighting presents Plank, the new wooden lamp series with dimmable LEDs inside designed by the Swedish duo Frida Ottemo Fröberg and Marie-Louise Gustafsson. Plank is a light fixture made out of pure, raw wood. Plank stems from a reference to the used and abused delivery pallet. Plentiful in function, this thin, long and simplistic pendant, wall and floor lamp series serves well to add directed or guided light to a defined space in a room. It further works well in providing a defined light strip down towards, for example, a table or a desk area. The lamp series is available with rough cut light coloured poplar wood planks and with a darker Kebony SYP (Southern yellow pine) wood from the Norwegian company Kebony an alternative version. Both wooden materials choices have an unpolished expression with visible marks and traces from the production processes. Plank is designed by the duo Frida Ottemo Fröberg and Marie-Louise Gustafsson from Sweden. Frida and Marie-Louise both create conceptually pragmatic designs, often characterized by a combination of elements of personal passion, playfulness, functionality and humour. Source: Northen Lighting Visit the Northern Lighting website
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