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Piknik, the rechargeable, cordless, portable lamp by Lzf Lamps

Piknik is the result of a competition organised for young designers by the design collective, Surtido and LZF. The design studios were asked to create a cordless rechargeble product using recognized company wood veneer.

The winners were Belén Moratalla, Cristina Planells and Inelén Ortín, who at that time made up the design studio Macalula. “…Our design is intended to be a tremendously functional lamp. It is portable, rechargeable and offers numerous possibilities: you can take Piknik with you wherever you go, use it at home or away, at a restaurant or on the terrace or balcony"

"Piknik incorporates a rechargeable battery which lasts up to eight hours, a tubular piece of veneer covering the light source through which light emerges, and a handle at the top." "In addition, the lampshade hangs freely allowing it to rock by movement or the breeze creating a candle like effect that adds poetic touch to this new LZF product."

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