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Paper Silicon, the sustainable LED table lamp awarded with a Red Dot Design Award 2014

LED lighting, using luminescence-conversion, came on the market in the mid 1990s, and since then, this type of illumination has seen continuous further development. The linear and graphic appearance of the Paper Silicon LED table lamp made by In-house design is a surprising example of a contemporary form of this technology. Paper Silicon won a Red Dot Award in 2014 in the "lighting and lamps" category.

Its design was based on an innovative combination of silica gel, metal and other materials. Silica gel, it should be noted, is very environmentally friendly. It is waterproof, non-toxic and has good thermal conductivity. In particular, it has the property of being soft on the outside and hard on the inside. Therefore, the Paper Silicon table lamp can be formed from one piece of material, giving it an appearance of wholeness and purity. What is more, it may be bent to any desired angle. This flexibility is also linked to an appealing switch concept. It has an intelligent switch with memory and night-prompt functions. The level of brightness is infinitely variable and the light produced is easy on the eyes. The Paper Silicon LED table lamp represents a seminal new form for LED technology and exudes an almost playful lightness.

Statement by the Red Dot Design Awards jury, "The stylish simplicity of the Paper Silicon LED table lamp is fascinating. Its design is based on an innovative combination of materials which lend it impressive properties. It is highly functional and the user can shape it to just the form he wishes. The concept of sustainability is exemplary and it opens up new paths for the use of LED technology." Source: Red Dot Awards Read more news related Red Dot Design Awards published at Infurma Visit the Red Dot Design Awards website Visit the In-house design website
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