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Occhio presents the new Sento sospeso series of suspended luminaires

The new Sento sospeso series of suspended luminaires by Occhio is pure innovation: exquisite design, gesture control for superior ease of use and a height adjustment capability unlike any other. In addition it features a powerful 32 watt LED uplight and downlight making a compelling statement in both the home and commercial sector. Sento sospeso provides freedom of design and flexibility on all levels. Optionally, it comes with a unique height adjustment feature: Thanks to a sophisticated reel mechanism, the pendant length can be easily and precisely adjusted by hand whenever necessary. The cables lengthen or shorten as if by magic, in an always completely even and smooth motion. Whether in the surface-mounted, recessed or flat in-ceiling version for hollow ceilings: Sento sospeso has the ideal mounting option for any spatial requirement. In addition, the versions with two or three luminaire heads are the perfect solution for long dining tables. These luminaires also incorporate the design elements as well as the superior quality materials and workmanship so characteristic of Occhio. The brightness of Sento sospeso is adjusted via touchless control right at the light source – the head of the luminaire. One simple gesture can also control several luminaires: When adjusting one luminaire, the others change simultaneously. Topping it all off is a quality of light that only Occhio LED luminaires can deliver. 32 watts of power deliver h  delivers ighest efficiency and give Sento sospeso a versatile range of uses in both the home and commercial sector. With light emitted from both sides of the luminaire head, the uplight and downlight can be controlled separately, thereby enabling a variety of lighting scenarios with just one luminaire. Changeable optical inserts for individual lighting effects and the ability to select different LED light colors allow the desired lighting to be perfectly tailored to the current situation. Sento sospeso – a masterpiece of technology and function. Source: Occhio Read more news related Occhio published at Infurma Visit the Occhio website
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