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New Spline suspension lamp. The Arturo Alvarez light designed by A-Cero

After the great success with Spline lamp, designed by A-Cero for handmade lighting brand Arturo Alvarez, now the company presents the suspension lamp version. As elegant as imposing, the suspension lamp draws a zig-zag that lights all its profile. A gesture. An articulated and rhythmic movement of a pencil on paper. A line with its own personality ready to play freely on any scene. This is how the elements emerge and give life to Spline collection. The elements of Spline collection depart from a metallic structure covered by a rubber like but soft touch finish. The light shows in an indirect and attractive way, covering the piece and emerging between its pleats. Read more news related Arturo Alvarez published at Infurma Read the Arturo Alvarez special articles published at Infurma  Visit the Arturo Alvarez website Visit the Arturo Alvarez sheet at Infurma Read more news related A-Cero published at Infurma Visit the A-Cero website
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